The new Netflix comedy you'll want to watch in one sitting.

Excuse me, I found a thing.

It’s a Netflix comedy that’s so funny and sweet you’ll want to watch it in one sitting.

It’s called Champions and it’s the latest brainchild of The Office’s Mindy Kaling.

The series follows Michael Patel (played by J.J. Totah) an openly gay teenager who moves from Cleveland to New York City to attend a performing arts school.

You’ll want to watch Champions in one sitting…

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When his accommodation falls through, Michael’s mum Priya (played by Mindy) seeks out gym owner Vince Cook (Anders Holm), the father Michael never knew he had.

Vince, of course, is a fun-loving bachelor who peaked in high school and who is not remotely prepared to care for the world’s sassiest teenager.

Michael moves in with Vince and his younger brother, Andy, and together they figure out how to be a part of each other’s lives.

It’s kind of like Two and a Half Men – except you know, less full of d*ckheads and misogynistic story lines, and more full of sweet moments and funny one-liners.

While never missing a comedic beat, the show also deals with deeper issues like coming to terms with your own identity and overcoming failure.

While Kaling and Holm give great performances, the real star of the show is J.J Totah.

His comedic timing is perfect and while some of his lines would sound over-the-top coming from another actor, when he delivers them you just want to adopt him and spend all your time taking him to musicals.

All 10 episodes of the first season of Champions are streaming on Netflix now. 

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