'Bachelorette' villain Chad poos his pants on television.

When the higher ups at ABC decided to invite Chad Johnson to participate in this season of Bachelor in Paradise, it’s fair to say they expected some drama.

The 28-year-old former marine was the break away bad boy star of JoJo Fletcher’s recent season of The Bachelorette that the world loved to hate. I laughed when he ate that raw sweet potato and all of that deli meat. I shook my head when he threatened to fight other contestants. I scoffed when he stood up at the After the Rose episode and said he should be the next Bachelor. And I was excited when I heard he was going to be on Bachelor in Paradise.

I had never seen the show, but I was excited to see all the crazy.

And crazy was delivered. Because in the first episode of this season of Bachelor in Paradise, Chad Johnson poos his pants.

Sure other things happened on the show. Couples started form. Dates were had. But like it was on The Bachelorette, all eyes are on Chad.


What’s really amazing is that’s not even the most vile thing he did in that episode.

When Chad arrives on the island he seems to be handling himself pretty well. He even seems to have made a connection with Lace Morris (who’s known as the crazy girl from Ben’s season). As night falls on Paradise more and more drinks are consumed. Chad and Lace start making out like crazy but then as soon as it starts it’s over and he’s calling her terrible names.

She wisely gets away from him which sends Chad back to the bar.

More drinks are consumed and Chad ends up threaning to “murder” the other contestants.

But wait, somehow, that’s not even the most vile thing he said.

Sarah Herron (from Sean Lowe’s season, who was born with only one arm) calls Chad out on all the terrible sexist, and offensive things coming out of his mouth, leading to Chad calling her a “one arm bitch.”


That is the most vile thing he said.

Now to the most vile thing he did.

Eventually, tuckered out from being a terrible human being, Chad falls asleep on the ground next to the pool with a crab on his head. Yes, a crab.

The next morning, Nick Viall (from Andi Dorfman’s season) is sent to check on Chad and notices/smells that Chad drunkenly pooed his pants while passed out.

“Not only did he lose his mind, he lost all the contents in his body. Apparently he pooped his pants,” says Vinny Ventiera (from JoJo Fletcher’s season).

Host Chris Harrison calls everyone together and tells Chad, “We all came here to be in Paradise. In the matter of one night you have turned this into hell. In one night,” and informs him he’s been kicked out and needs to leave.

Of course Chad doesn’t leave quietly.

Video via ABC

He yells and screams at Chris Harrison and in the teaser for episode two we see that he will be back.

But he won’t be back anyone’s good graces. You don’t poo your pants and become the next Bachelor.