Are you Australia’s biggest cereal lover?

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Australia’s Biggest Cereal Lover.

It’s an immense title to take on. A huge cross to bear. The weight of millions, if not billions, of cereal lovers’ expectations sit upon your oat-fueled shoulders.

But it’s a label I’m willing to wear, and wear proudly. Because I truly believe I am Australia’s Biggest Cereal Lover.

If you think you can beat my utter devotion to cereal, you should enter UNCLE TOBYS competition to find Australia’s Biggest Cereal Lover – with a chance to win $1,000 and a year’s supply of your favourite UNCLE TOBYS cereal, every week.

Here are my credentials, see if you can beat them…

1. I eat it everyday.

I mean, there’s the obvious – not a day goes by without eating the nourishing, delectable stuff for breakfast (and sometimes lunch or dinner). My morning routine would not be complete without my Spice Girls alarm, a quick jog (that’s mostly walking, let’s be honest) and a bowl of cereal eaten with my mates Michael and Virginia from ABC News Breakfast.

2. The obsession started young.

While other kids were making macaroni necklaces in arts and craft, I was looping Cheerios around my neck.

cereal lover
The beginnings of a life-long obsession. Image via iStock.

3. It saw me through my angst filled teenage years.

I grew to rely on a hearty bowl of Traditional Oats with nuts and sultanas to fuel me through high school, with every extracurricular activity and team sport that came with it.

4. It’s not just about the taste.

Even once I became a fully-fledged adult I held onto my true love. No fad diet has swayed me; no passing breakfast trend has deterred me. With its nutritional credentials — providing fibre, wholegrains, essential vitamins and minerals — cereal has always fit seamlessly into my hopefully health conscious habits.

cereal lover
Nothing could/can sway me from my one true love. Image via iStock.

5. I’ve travelled far and wide to eat cereal on every continent.

As a cereal aficionado I even travelled specifically to Shoreditch, London to visit a hipster-run cereal restaurant. And enjoyed every single second of it.

6. I have my priorities straight.

I might occasionally forget to pay my phone bill but my shopping trolley will never be without a box of whatever flakes are tickling my fancy that week.

7. I always come prepared.

I’ll constantly carry a sachet of UNCLE TOBY quick oats in my handbag, for breakfast-related emergencies, of course.

cereal lover
Breakfast-related emergencies are my biggest nightmare. Image via iStock.

8. It’s all about spreading the love.

And finally I’ve taken to lecturing casually sharing how good cereal is. You simply can’t be Australia’s Biggest Cereal Lover if you’re not encouraging people to make their mornings as good as yours by choosing cereal for breakfast.

So to prove you have earned the title and the excellent prize, post a photo on the UNCLE TOBYS Facebook page showing off your favourite UNCLE TOBYS cereal product and tell them why you love UNCLE TOBYS cereal. Be sure to include the hashtag #ILoveCereal, when you do.

Winners will be picked by creativity, originality and suitability.

Bring. It. On.

Why are you Australia’s biggest cereal lover?