"Definitely the best facial moisturisers I have used to date." 13 women try CeraVe's moisturising lotion duo for dry and dehydrated skin.

Thanks to our brand partner, CeraVe

Dry, flaky, sensitive skin. We’ve all been there.

Whether it’s in reaction to a harsh weather change, going a bit too hard on the retinol, or just the way your skin is behaving (or rudely, how it's not), a compromised skin barrier is never a fun time. 

The rise of skinimalism has seen people paring back their skincare routines to focus on using smarter products that can multi-task (we LOVE an overachiever), because who really has time for a 12-step skincare routine… two times a day… Every. Single. Day? 

So basically, many of us are demanding more from our skincare. We want products with science-backed ingredients that are simple to use, yet highly effective, all without breaking the bank.

Well, hello, CeraVe.

CeraVe products are all enriched with 3 essential ceramides (that is, the natural lipids found within the skin). In CeraVe skincare, they moisturise and help strengthen the skin's barrier with 24 hour hydration. The result? The dynamic trio to help comfort dry and dehydrated skin, to keep your complexion soft, glowing and healthy-looking. 

What skin-loving ingredients do CeraVe products actually use?

  • Ceramides: These are important as they keep moisture from escaping from the skin and protect it from external aggressors. CeraVe’s unique combination of three skin identical ceramides helps to support the skin’s existing ceramides, thereby reducing moisture loss and comforting dry skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: This assists in trapping and retaining moisture and hydration in the skin.
  • Niacinamide: This antioxidant that helps improve the appearance of the skin.
  • MVE Technology: CeraVe's patented technology that slowly releases their 3 essential ceramides and other key ingredients into the skin, over 24 hours. Hello, hydrated skin.

Navigating the world of skincare can be confusing and exxy, so we always love to put beauty products to the test thanks to Mamamia’s You Beauty Panel: a collective of women across Australia, ready to put their faces on the line for our beauty investigations. 

Luckily, we had 100 Panellists trial CeraVe’s AM Facial Moisturising Lotion with SPF 15 (for much-needed nourishment throughout the day), and their PM Facial Moisturising Lotion (to assist in retaining moisture for 24 hour hydration), and see if they performed as promised. 93 per cent agreed their skin felt hydrated and 88 per cent would recommend these products to others!

Here's what some of the You Beauty Panel reported back.

Vicki, 26: "I felt an improvement in the texture and tone of my skin overnight."

"I felt an improvement in the texture and tone of my skin overnight." Image: Supplied

"I started the trial by doing my usual morning cleanse routine and used a hydrating serum before applying the day moisturiser. It is thick but easy to apply. The night cream was also a dream to use! Hydrating but also lightweight and my skin absorbed it really well. I felt an improvement in the texture and tone of my skin overnight."

Kirsty, 45: "Non-irritating and hydrating. My skin felt nourished both night and day."

"Non irritating and hydrating. My skin felt nourished both night and day." Image: Supplied 

"I’ve long been a fan of CeraVe with their affordable, no-nonsense but very effective products. I was very excited to try out the AM and PM moisturisers and they did not disappoint! Low price point and they feel wonderful on the skin. 

"The PM cream is a standout, highly recommend! Dermatologist approved, affordable and highly effective products aren’t as widely available in Australia as Europe and the United States so I was really pleased to see CeraVe is so readily available here. These creams are non-irritating and hydrating. My skin felt nourished both night and day."

Helena, 27: “A great moisturiser to layer under sunscreen for sensitive skin."

"These moisturisers are some of those reliable products I know I can always count on. The AM lotion is so hydrating and a great moisturiser to layer under sunscreen, and ideal for my sensitive skin."

Abelle, 33: “Didn’t leave a white cast."

“Didn’t leave a white cast." Image: Supplied. 


"Both the AM and PM moisturisers were great and I had no reactions to either! The texture of both lotions were light, but hydrating. While they were more lightweight than what I would normally go for, they sat really well over my facial oil. I have dark skin and the great thing about the AM lotion was that it didn’t leave a white cast!"

Jessica, 30: “Exactly what my skin needed."

“Exactly what my skin needed." Image: Supplied. 

"Exactly what my skin needed at the moment, I just didn't know it yet! My skin had become quite sensitive with mask use during lockdown and this combo of soothing Moisturising Lotions for AM and PM have helped to gently restore it. They're hydrating and nourishing without being too thick or greasy. I also really liked them being a pump!"

Chami, 44: "Great for summer when I need something lighter for my skin."

"Great for summer when I need something lighter for my skin." Image: Supplied. 

"I really enjoyed using these products, they were better than I expected! I really liked the PM cream, I think it’s great for summer when I need something lighter for my skin, and love the fact that it has other great ingredients mixed in such as niacinamide. I just wish there was more SPF in the day cream!"

Hannah, 29: “Even my driest patches stayed moisturised during the day."

"I really enjoyed using the CeraVe lotions. My skin is usually very dry and quite rough in texture, so I was surprised how soft it felt to the touch after a week of using both products. There was no scent on the moisturisers and they are definitely the best facial moisturisers I have used to date. 

"Usually I find a facial moisturiser is either not thick enough, or too thick to sit under makeup, but these were the perfect consistency and really worked well with my very dry skin. Even my driest patches stayed moisturised throughout the day."

Alice, 29: “Why isn’t everyone talking about these products?"

“Why isn’t everyone talking about these products?" Image: Supplied. 

"I thought a moisturiser would be a so-so beauty product to trial, but WOW I am sorry I ever thought that! I’m so impressed and I’ve totally been converted. I love how they sink into my skin. I’ve gone through quite a few moisturisers for my dry AF skin and they usually just sit on top of my skin and do nothing. I’m so happy with this set! 

"These AM & PM Moisturising Lotions are awesome. Why didn’t I ever know about them? Why isn’t everyone talking about these products?!"

Nisha, 49: “No-fuss, effective skincare with a great price point."

“No-fuss, effective skincare with a great price point." Image: Supplied.


"I was quite surprised by the quality of both CeraVe products. They felt nourishing on my skin and were absorbed well. The AM lotion has a chemical SPF15+ and it didn't leave a cast on my dark skin after the dry down. It leaves a dewy finish that isn't greasy by the afternoon, and washes off easily with my oil cleanser. 

"The PM lotion was lovely and nourishing. I use two pumps for the face and neck as the final step to my PM skincare routine and it feels smooth on the skin and has no fragrance. I like that CeraVe is no-fuss, effective skincare with a great price point (they're only $22.99 and $21.99 respectively). I don’t see many other pharmacy brands promoting ingredients over benefits!"

Deeviya, 28: “Sits beautifully under makeup."

"It is not easy to find affordable but effective moisturisers for both day and night. The added benefit of SPF in the AM lotion was great and did not make the cream feel 'sunscreen-y', as it still managed to absorb quite well into the skin. 

"Additionally, the product sits beautifully under makeup without causing any pilling. I did not feel the need to use a primer along with the day moisturiser which is very impressive! I loved how well the products absorbed into my skin and the fact that it was not fragranced. They are gentle yet effective."

Alex, 31: “Absorbs just the right amount to keep your skin hydrated overnight."

"I LOVED THESE! I started using CeraVe products when I had my first gnarly perioral dermatitis flare up, and have not looked back. I love the consistency and spread of the AM Moisturiser. It initially feels quite thick, but spreads out very evenly and sinks into the skin so you’re not left with an overly oily finish like most SPF products. Being a night time moisturiser I expected the PM to be a dense cream, but it comes out quite thin, spreads well, and absorbs just the right amount to keep your skin hydrated overnight. 

"They’re exceptionally well priced, do the job they’re meant to, and use tried and true active ingredients in a simple no-fuss product."

Aradhana, 27: “Soaked into my skin and feels super hydrating."

“Soaked into my skin and feels super hydrating." Image: Supplied. 

"The CeraVe PM lotion became my new favourite product as soon as I tried it. My other night-time lotions or gels can absorb but still leave my skin feeling dry, so I have to apply more than needed and go in with a heavier cream on top. The CeraVe PM felt like it soaked into my skin and feels super hydrating. The AM lotion has SPF in it already which is a big plus, and a small amount goes a long way. It's also the perfect size to keep in my handbag and reapply throughout the day."

Abbie, 24: “Gives my skin a glow as soon as I apply it."

“Gives my skin a glow as soon as I apply it." Image: Supplied. 

"I have more oily skin at the moment as I’m giving my skin a break from retinol, and these moisturisers were great! Not too oily at all. They are a lotion consistency so they apply very smoothly and it doesn’t feel like you need to spend a long time massaging it in. They are very quick to apply, and give my skin a bit of a glow as soon as I apply it. 

"Both products are very soothing, particularly the PM Moisturising Lotion which feels very calming when applying after a hot shower when my face is sometimes red. The price is incredible at $21.99-$22.99 each and I wouldn’t pass it up, especially considering the quality is similar or even better than higher end products."

Get your hands on CeraVe AM Facial Moisturising Lotion with SPF 15 and  PM Facial Moisturising Lotion online or from Chemist Warehouse. 

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CeraVe, was developed with dermatologists in 2005 after experts noticed that many skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema and acne all had one thing in common – a deficiency in skin Ceramides and in turn, a compromised skin barrier. CeraVe successfully launched into the Australian market in 2019, and contains three essential, skin-loving Ceramides that the skin needs, progressively delivered through a patented MultiVesicular Emulsion (MVE®) technology that maintains hydration levels in the skin for 24 hours.