Celebs share Mother's Day joy

Social media was abuzz yesterday as stars posted snaps and messages for Mother's Day. Here are some of our favourites …

Miranda Kerr wrote: "Feel so blessed to be a Mother. Happy Mothers Day to all."

Pink wrote: "Happy Mothers Day to all of my women tribe… To my mother, for teaching me the rises and the falls of love, the permanence of it…thankyou." and "Thank you @hartluck for giving me the greatest gift of my life, my reason to celebrate today."

Nicole Ritchie shared a pic of herself as a child with her mum, wearing matching dresses:  "The one day I year I forgive her for this. Happy Mothers Day!"

Gisele Bunchen released a photo of her feet beside five-month-old daughter Vivian Lake's toes: "Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful woman who know the joy , challenges and love of being a mother. Mom , I love you !"

Britney Spears: "I've got the two cutest boys in the world! Hope y'all are having as nice of a #mothersday as I am!"

Reese Witherspoon's touching message above to her mum Betty. 

LeAnn Rimes posted a pic of herself as a baby on her Mother's knee: "Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mother!!" and "Happy Mother's Day to all the loving, nurturing women who give of themselves, heart and soul to helping raise beautiful children. Blessings"

Tori Spelling wrote: "Happy #MothersDay to all fellow Momistas! #momwarriors."

Guiliana Rancic wrote: "Best.Morning.Ever! RT [email protected]: Happy Mother's Day please feed me!!!!" with a pic of her 8-month-old, Duke. 

Fergie: “Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mommy Terri & all the strong mamas out there.”

Channing Tatum:  "To my mama, my soon-to-be mama and all the beautiful moms...Happy Mother's Day! :-)"

Jenny McCarthy: Happy Mommy Day!

Justin Timberlake: “I’m a Mother Lover… Happy Mom’s Day to all you Mothers out there!!! I love you Mom!”

Jamie Bell: “I’d like to wish my incredible wife @evanrachelwood a happy Mother’s Day! Her first one! Here’s to you darling. X”


Victoria Beckham: “Happy Mother’s Day fashion bunnies! x vb”

Kate Walsh: “Happy #MothersDay to all the mama tw’eeps! Keep an eye out for the mail ;) #TeamWalshies”

Octavia Spencer: “Cheers to all the mothers out there who make this world a friendlier place to navigate!!!! #ThePowerofMoms”

Eric Stonestreet: “Happy mothers day to my mom Jamey ONLY. You other mothers are on your own.”

Oprah: “Happy Mothers Day to the women of the world who are the first spiritual teachers. MOOOOOTHERS! #blessingstoall”

Julianne Hough: “Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful Sisters @katherineh82 @shareewise @marabethpoole and to my loving two moms @marriannnelson and @debrahough I am so grateful to have these strong examples of what being a wonderful mother means! Love, honesty, compassion, strength, leadership, kindness, generosity, energy, selflessness, fun, passion… The list goes on! Everyone’s mother has the chance to be the most amazing mother. Looks like I scored in the mom department! Xoxo”

Dita Von Teese: “Happy Mothers’ Day to my favorite moms, @momvonteese, @jenavonteese & @SarahASweet”

Lena Dunham: “I love you mom. This Mother’s Day I’m giving you your F-CKING SPACE.”

Keith Urban: “Happy Mother’s Day! Wishing all of you a wonderful day!”

Chris Brown: "I wanna praise the woman who created me! "Momma Joyce" happy Mother's Day . Thank u for always letting me be creative and dream!Love you mom"

Alec Baldwin: "Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there. Especially @hilariabaldwin ...."

Joan Rivers: "Happy Mother's Day! Remember, getting flowers is lovely, unless they’re being hurled at you."

Kirsty Alley: "The best Mothers day gift I will get today is the pleasure of my children's company...All is right in the mother hood "

Jennifer Love Hewitt: "Happy Mother's Day to all those with us and those looking down on us from heaven. Nothing is better than a wonderful mother. I had the best."

Susan Sarandon: "Happy Mother’s Day to all who nurture and mentor. And to Mother Earth."

Christina Applegate: "Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies. And to the daddies who have to be both!"