What the celebrities are wearing at Fashion Week in Sydney.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has hit Sydney, and the city is teeming with well-dressed — and, erm, more kookily dressed — #fashun people.

We’re talking lots of thigh-high boots, skirts as dresses, dresses over pants and multiple outfit changes a day. And here we were struggling to pick just one clean ensemble each morning.

While it’s meant to be all about what’s on the runway, everyone knows that the real show is out the front. Here’s what all the celebrities have worn so far.

1. Jesinta Campbell

We’re sensing some Khloe Kardashian inspiration here. Texture GALORE!

Image : Getty

2. Anna Heinrich

Forget fashion's favourite shade of black, Anna Heinrich is killing it in blue. Adding those shoes to our wish list, too.

Image: Getty

3.  Nadia Fairfax and Kate Waterhouse

Rainbow stripes to make your inner child smile. (And yes, that is a skirt worn as a dress on the left.)

Image: Getty

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4.  Christine Centenera.

Just like your fluffy slippers... if they were stylish and designer.

Image: Getty

5. Tanja Gacic, My Empirical Life

"I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie woooooorld...." Those Preen sunglasses truly are fantastic.

Image: Getty

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What do you most look forward to about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week?

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