From Angelina Jolie to Kylie Jenner: 15 celebrity tattoos and the hidden meanings behind them.

It’s safe to say that tattoos are everywhere right now.

Most likely, your friends, colleagues and favourite celebrities all have a few (or many).

Celebrities are known to be trailblazers when it comes to the latest trends in fashion and beauty, and it’s exactly the same when it comes to tattoos.

Tattoos you can HEAR are a thing, and they’re pretty awesome. Post continues below.

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Many of them don some pretty funky tattoos that we now want, too.

But although they may just seem ‘pretty’ to us, to the people that got them, they represent something much more important.

Here are 15 celebrity tattoos and the hidden meanings behind them.

Angelina Jolie

Image: Getty.


Angelina Jolie has gotten many tattoos over the years, however, it's her most recent one that's currently making waves.

Unveiling her new ink at the 2024 Tony Awards, Jolie showcased a delicate sparrow in the centre of her chest.

Though she hasn't revealed its meaning yet, fans speculate it symbolises freedom — which is fitting after her tumultuous divorce from ex-husband Brad Pitt. 

Demi Lovato

Image: Instagram @alessandro_capozzi.


Demi Lovato’s tattoo was created by tattoo artist, Alessandro Capozzi, to represent where she is in her life.

Alongside an Instagram photo of the new ink, she wrote, “I told him about my life and where I was at in that moment and we created a combination of images that best symbolised the spiritual awakening I was having.”

The fallen angel is being lifted by three doves (the Holy Trinity).

Lovato explains that it represents “her inner light being guided by a higher consciousness”, and says the “disintegration of her dark wings was representing the darkness I was shedding.”

Many fans suspect Lovato is referring to her near-fatal drug overdose in 2018.


Kylie Jenner

Image: Instagram @kyliejenner.

Both Kylie Jenner and the father of her daughter, Travis Scott, got matching butterflies tattooed on their ankles in 2017.

It most likely refers to Scott’s song, Butterfly Effect, which was released shortly after the two started dating.

Justin Bieber

Image: Instagram @justinbieber.


Bieber got the phrase “Better at 70” tattooed on his thigh back in 2017.

In the photo he uploaded revealing the new ink, he explained that it was a representation of everything he has overcome and a hopeful reminder of how he wants to get better with age.


Image: Instagram @beyonce.


Despite Queen Bee not exactly sharing the meaning behind the three small dots on her fingers, fans suggest it symbolises her children: Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir.

Emilia Clarke

Image: Instagram @emilia_clarke.


Emilia Clarke will forever be Khaleesi. This small tattoo represents her time on Game of Thrones as the Mother of Dragons.

Dakota Johnson

Image: Instagram @_dr_woo_.


Dakota Johnson got this flower to represent her complex personality.

Her tattooist, Dr Woo, shared the ink with her quote saying, “It’s a lil’ f***ed up, but it’s still a flower, like me.”

Charlotte Crosby

Image: Instagram @charlottegshore.


The story behind Charlotte Crosby's tattoo is actually quite iconic.

Crosby explained that although it was an exciting tattoo, it was intended to cover up an older, embarrassing one.

Back when she was the host of MTV’s tattooing show, Just Tattoo of Us, she got her ex-boyfriend’s face tattooed on her back.

Her dragon was put there to cover the remainder of it, after three laser removal sessions.

Hilary Duff

Image: Instagram @_dr_woo_.


Younger‘s Hilary Duff got the quote “Take Fountain” tattooed on her.

The phrase was originally said by Bette Davis when she appeared on a talk show and was asked what advice she had for actors trying to make it in Hollywood.

Her advice: “Take Fountain.”

This is because many LA locals know when there’s traffic on Santa Monica Blvd, take Fountain Ave instead.

Kevin Jonas

Image: Instagram @kevinjonas.


Kevin Jonas got this silhouette inked to represent his wife, Danielle Jonas.

The original inspiration comes from Danielle’s appearance in the Jonas Brothers music video for Sucker.

Rita Ora

Image: Instagram @ritaora.


Rita Ora got the word “Zog” tattooed on her neck in honour of a nickname her mum used to call her.

Alongside the Instagram photo she shared of the tattoo, she wrote, “When I was younger my mum @veraora would call me her zog ‘Zogi mamit’ which means her little bird in Albanian.”

Sophie Turner

Image: Instagram @sophiet.


Sophie Turner got the letter “G” inked on her as a tribute to her grandfather.

Joe Jonas

Image: Instagram @curtmontgomerytattoos.

Joe Jonas, got an outline (oddly similar to his brother’s) of a woman inked on his arm. Many fans assume it was an ode to Sophie Turner, especially as it looks a lot like her Game of Thrones character, Sansa Stark.

Selena Gomez

Image: Instagram @selenagomez.


Selena Gomez and her three best friends all got matching “4” tattoos inked on their bodies. She explained in the Instagram post that the digit symbolises how many of them there are and represents the importance of their friendship.

Ariana Grande

Image: Instagram @arianagrande.


Ariana Grande got this touching tribute a year after the Manchester bombing took place during her concert in Manchester. The bee is a historical symbol of the city of Manchester.

If any, which one of these tattoos would you get inked on you? Let us know in the comments.

This story was originally published on February 28, 2020, and has since been updated with new information.

Feature image: Instagram/@charlottegshore 

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