24-karat boob masks and ice-rollers: Meet the 58-step beauty routine you probably don't need in your life.

Nothing says celebrity quite like a 58-step beauty routine.

Actress Shay Mitchell, best known for her roles in Pretty Little Liars and You, is quite the beauty blogger on her socials, taking to Instagram and YouTube to try new products, showcase her makeup routine and more. 

So when Vogue came calling for its iconic Beauty Secrets series, Shay Mitchell of course jumped at the chance. She was already a pro.

And how better to wow the world than with a 58-step skincare and makeup routine that costs over $2,200. Which, in her defence, is a fairly reasonable price tag for that many steps!

Mamamia's You Beauty co-host Leigh Campbell said in a podcast episode, "I literally can't even think of 58 steps: is she cleansing her face 12 times?"

The Pretty Little Liars cast. Image: Getty. 

But for Mitchell, skincare is all about fun: the more luxe the better. "If I have the time, I really like to go full out with my skincare routine. It feels good."

The first thing she does in the morning is she washes her hands. No dramas there.

The next step is a cleanser along with a facial cleanser brush. 

Then Mitchell whips out an ESARORA Ice Roller, which she keeps in her beauty fridge in the bathroom. 

Image: Vogue. After rolling her face numerous times with a freezing cold object, Mitchell then begins her masking process. And trust us when we say, it's a process.


First are the eye masks. Then a lip mask. A forehead mask. On top, we have a 111Skin Anti Blemish Bio Cellulose Face Mask. To keep things extra snug, Mitchell then adds a chin-lifting mask. And then to finally keep every single mask on her face intact, she then locks it all together with a silicone face mask. 

But the face mask game isn't over yet. Mitchell brings out a Nurse Jamie Uplift Beauty Roller and then a 24-karat boob mask by Booby Tape.

Image: Vogue. While all the mask juices marinate on her face and breasts, Mitchell puts some La Mer Moisturising Cream on her neck. FYI a 30ml tub of this stuff can set you back over $265.


Peeling all the sweaty masks off, Mitchell then begins massaging her face using her hands and later a Gua Sha, adding a rose serum into the mix.

Now if you thought we were done with the beauty tools, we're sad to say you are mistaken. We now see another face massage tool - this time a giant L-shaped wand.

With all the gorgeous and expensive serums sitting happily on Mitchell's skin, she then takes a warm cloth and gently wipes away the skincare. But that's okay, because we're sure some just as lovely products will be added to her face next, given Mitchell is only a quarter of the way through her beauty routine. 

To speed things along, we've got an eye cream from Kiehls, an ointment, a serum, a sunscreen (SPF 50+ which is great to see) an Aquaphor Lip Repair, and yet another Illuminating Eye Creme from Tata Harper.

To seal the billions of lotions used into place, Mitchell sprays a generous amount of Fenty Beauty's Refreshing Spray.

After what feels like a lifetime, we head on over to the makeup part of the routine. And look, please forgive us, but listing the final steps may just be easier for everyone involved:



The intense beauty routine was understandably unpacked on a recent episode of Mamamia's  You Beauty, with co-hosts Leigh Campbell and Erin Docherty. And like many of us, they were seriously flabbergasted. 

"It is excessive as hell, and people slammed her for being wasteful," Erin said. "Absolutely no one needs a 58-step routine, less is always more."

Leigh shared a similar sentiment, saying on the pod: "I'm all about 'you do you'. I just can't imagine having that time and energy. As much as I love beauty and it's my career, I'm all about efficiency."

Now after bearing witness to the 58-step beauty routine, it's left us wondering, is that really necessary? Or more importantly, how much skincare is too much skincare?

Luckily for us, Mamamia has our 'Ask An Expert' series, where we speak to the pros in the skincare business who can bestow their wisdom upon us.

Listen to You Beauty, Mamamia's podcast for your face. On this episode: The celebrity with a 58-step skincare routine. Post continues after audio.

What's the best way to build a skincare routine?

Skin expert Dr Imaan Joshi from Skin Essentials recommends starting with the basics and gradually incorporating targeted serums and treatments to help tackle any individual skin concerns.

"I'd always recommend a skincare regime that is age-appropriate, season-appropriate and personalised to you, because no one has your skin. As a rule though, less is more. You do not need a 10 step routine to have great skin: unless it makes you happy and is part of your self care. Keep it super simple," he said. 


Dr Michele Squire, a PhD-qualified scientist and owner of Qr8, who has been in the skincare business for over 17 years, suggests the same. 

A cleanser is a must because "everyone needs to cleanse at least once a day (twice if you’re oily or acne-prone)".

A toner isn't essential, but if you want to use one "make sure it doesn’t contain drying alcohol!"

When it comes to serums, Dr Squire does recommend opting for one that suits your individual skin concerns.

A face oil is nice but not necessary. A moisturiser is an overall yes, given it "helps your skin barrier stay healthy and function at its best".

There's also no need for a night cream if you don't want to spend, you can just double up on your daytime moisturiser and serums.

And last but not least, sunscreen: YES!

So, looks like the verdict is out. 

Yes, a 58-step beauty routine may be fun for some, given it involves a lot of self care, but is it necessary or even worthwhile: absolutely not.

Feature Image: Vogue and Mamamia.

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