Selfies with the stars: The most glamorous holiday album ever.

It’s that time of the week again, time to get your snap on with your favourite celebrities.

Do celebrity holidays ever end? It doesn’t appear so with Carrie Bickmore showing her baby bump some sun, Rachael Finch posting snap after snap of tranquil aqua waves and Beyonce diving off boats.

Speaking of Beyoncé, the star taunted the tabloids earlier in the week after posting an image of a baby bump moulded out of sand. We’ll let you be the judge… Meanwhile a barely recognisable Lady Gaga showed her softer side to thank her fans for their support.

Jesinta Campbell and Buddy Franklin got all mushy as they shared some Instagram love in the lead-up to their pending nuptials. Jesinta also made sure to get her giant rock of an engagement ring in frame too.

Casey Donovan got in some relaxation time as she posed in her once piece for a beach side snap. While Casey was encouraging everyone to be happy with their bodies, Kim Kardashian on the hand was dabbling in some self pity.

The star shared a throwback photo of her and sister Kourtney from 2009 who was pregnant at the time, while Kim was “seven to nine kilograms lighter.”

Her words, not ours.

SCROLL THROUGH the gallery to see what else your favourite celebrities have been up to this week…

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