11 batshit crazy, diva demands famous singers have made on tour.

Celebs being divas…there’s nothing we love more.

The rider (a set of demands artists request when they’re performing) demands of singer/producer/tall-hat-wearer extraordinaire Pharrell Williams has been leaked.

Apparently Williams is a bit of a #ScienceGeek. He’s only ‘happy’ with a framed photograph of astrophysicist Carl Sagan by his side.

“When I look at that picture I realise how lucky we all are … to be on this planet and be able to do what we love to do every day,” Williams said, according to News.com.au. “Seeing Carl’s face reminds me of it.”

“I love you Carl.”

He also like biscuits. And Booze. Lots and lots of booze. Williams must have a litre of Silver Patron Tequila and the same of Ketel One Vodka.

#Rockstar …

So, it’s fair to say Williams’ request are a little out of the ordinary. Here are ten other celebs who, *ahem*, can’t say the same.

1. Jack White

Earlier this year, musician Jack White’s Oklahoma tour rider was leaked, and it revealed two things: 1) Jack White gets paid a f*ckload, and 2) the man loves his guacamole.

The leaked document contained detailed of White’s paycheck and one very elaborate guac recipe that he MUST have made for him. Turns out, having the White Stripes front man play at your birthday party would set you back a cool $80,000 — but he could definitely help out with dips.

White is insisting the guac stipulation was included by his manager as an inside joke.

“I can’t even make kool aid let alone cook any real food enough to have a ‘recipe’,” the White Stripes front man said in an online rant.

“First off, this is none of your business, but I have no specific demands in my dressing room. I know I could ask for lots of things but I actually don’t ask for ANYTHING. Can I go back to making music now? No? Ok. Crochet it is.”

Jack White hearts guac…maybe.

2. Beyoncé.

There were some bizarre demands on Beyonce’s leaked tour rider. Forget the $1000 titanium drinking straws (but actually, what?), Queen Bey can only tolerate red toilet paper. You heard me, red. “Bathrooms must have new toilet seats and red toilet paper at every venue.”

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One intrepid Cosmopolitan reporter took it upon herself to uncover the mystery of the red TP and put it to the test. “I felt like I was patting my lady bits and buttonhole with a smooth cotton tee,” she wrote. “This was toilet paper of the stars.”

3. Jennifer Lopez.

“Jenny from the Block” has pretty Upper East Side tastes when it comes to decor: white flowers, white tablecloths, white curtains, white candles and white couches. Oh, and her coffee has to be stirred anti-clockwise.

4. Justin Timberlake.

JT likes to keep it clean. So clean, he requires a staffer to disinfect all door knobs he comes into contact with. Every two hours. Sounds like someone is being a knob.

More JT news here… CONFIRMED: It’s the celebrity baby news we’ve all been waiting for.

5. Britney Spears.

According to the Daily Mail, during a London Tour, Brit requested fish and chips, McDonald’s cheeseburgers (without the buns) and a framed photo of Princess Diana. A diva at heart, she also threatened to fine the venue $5,000 if the phone ever rang in her dressing room.

6. Cher.

Two words: wig room. The original diva, Cher apparently requires a whole room dedicated to her wigs and one for her masseuse. And black cups only. Riiiiight.

7. Paul McCartney.

Sir Paul likes plants. Specifically sized plants: 19 leafy 6ft plants and four leafy 4ft plants, to be exact.

“Is that fern 5ft?”

8. Kanye West.

Look, no one’s surprised that Kanye is on this list. The rapper likes his towels imported, recut and Versace. Any chauffeur who drives him also has to have 100 percent cotton clothes: “no man-made fibres.”

Read more here: Kanye West gives talentless nobody Paul McCartney a career in music.

Imma let you drive me. But only if that shirt is 100% cotton.

9. Mariah Carey.

Mariah once requested a Rolls-Royce, a pink carpet, pink podium, 20 white kittens and 100 doves. Aparently the doves were doable, the kittens proved more difficult however.

10. Eminem.

At the 2011 Bangor music festival, the rapper requested a wooden pond be built for his koi carp. We’ll leave it there.

“They soothe me.”

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