Glitz, glamour and a whole lot of cash. This is how the celebrities rang in the new year.

Stars. They’re not like us in many ways. They have more money, nicer cars and can afford to buy Mac make up at FULL PRICE.

They’re a little bit fancy.

Which is why we want to see all the photos from their different New Years Eve parties.

Like Taylor Swift – who spent New Year’s Eve living it up in the middle of Times Square, New York…

T. Swizzle living the good life.

While we drank $7 bottles of champagne from plastic cups and threw back Jatz with dip and Salt and Vinegar flavoured chips, they probably ate cavier and sank bottles of Dom Perignon.

Or maybe they sat in their mansions and stroked their rare Egyptian cat that cost $10,000.

Or maybe they did neither of those things and had a trashy party like the rest of us.

If last year is anything to go on, we predict Miley Cyrus mixed fluoro colours and things shaped like penises, Beyonce and Jay Z hosted their best friends Rihanna and Kanye West at an exclusive club party (Kim Kardashian was not invited), and the rest of the Kardashians promoted some expensive brand of alcohol while ‘hosting’ a club in Las Vegas.

Kourtney Kardashian posted this pic and wished her fans a happy 2015.

Thanks to social media, we know exactly how they spent the last hours of 2014. And we’ve got all the photos right here.

So sit back, nurse your hangover and click through the gallery below in between visits to the toilet bowl.

How did you celebrate the start of 2015?

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