Fluff: Celebrities with weird names. How the hell do you pronounce that?

Amanda Seyfried

Think Ryan Phillippe is pronounced Phil-eep, or Phil-ee-pay? You’re wrong.

Think Amanda Seyfried is said Say-freed or Sigh-fried? Nup, sit down. You’re wrong again.

If you get a little bit embarrassed when you’re chatting with your friends and trying to impress them with your celebrity knowledge, yet aren’t really sure how to pronounce ‘Delevingne‘ (or spell it, for that matter), you should probably just stop talking and NEVER SPEAK AGAIN.

Kidding, kidding.

All you really need is a lesson in Celebrity 101 – Name Pronunciation.

So let’s get into it then, shall we?

Cara Delevingne

Starting off, we have the beautiful Amanda Seyfried, pictured above.

Sey.fried | sigh-frid |
noun. Celebrity.
A very talented actress with perfect hair.
Amanda Seyfried’s boobs can tell when it’s raining.

Got it? Good, now let’s move on. Cara Delevingne. Hard to spell, even harder to attempt to pronounce, as exhibited by some intoxicated celebrities at the Met Gala. (We’re looking at you, Reese Witherspoon).

Del.e.vingne | del-ah-veen |
noun. Supermodel.
A genetically blessed supermodel with the world’s best eyebrows.
Cara Delevingne’s eyebrow game is strong.

Cate Blanchett

Bonus points if you could say it before reading this post! Next, we have Australia’s acting goddess Cate Blanchett.
It should be easy to pronounce, no? Well no, it’s not. We’ve been saying it wrong since before she came on our radar.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Blan.chett | blan-chit |
noun. Actress.
Australia’s most famous actress who loves calling out the media on red carpets.
Is Cate Blanchett going to the Oscars? Can’t wait to see what she says about body image this time.


Veering away from the females for a moment, we’ve come to our favourite poster boy for tricky last names, Jake (and Maggie) Gyllenhaal. Use our guide to ensure you don’t embarrass yourself if you ever come face-to-face and share a special connection with Jake Gyllenhaal, like one Mamamia writer did. (Still waiting for you to call, Jake…)

Charlize Theron

Gyll.en.haal | jill-en-haal |
noun. Actor.
An extremely attractive and versatile actor who rocks both the bearded and clean shaven look.
Jake Gyllenhaal dates supermodels. I’ll never have a chance.

Back to the ladies, it’s time to learn how to say ‘Theron’, as in, Charlize Theron.
The actress HATES when people pronounce her name wrong, but hey, can she really blame us? Thair-on, Thrown, Therrrrrr-on. The variations were seemingly never-ending. Until now.

The.ron | ther-en | (sounds like Erin)
noun. Actress.
A gorgeous South African Oscar-winning actress.
Charlize Theron really hates when people say her name like Ther-on.

For those of you who have successfully gotten to this point, congratulations! Think you can handle more?

Behold, our gallery of 36 celebrity names we all struggle to pronounce.

After this, you’ll basically be ready to host your own Oscar’s after party. Or at least not embarrass yourself in the totally unlikely event that you ever run into one of them at a Starbucks.

Can you think of any other celebrities with difficult-to-pronounce names?

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