This celebrity make-under has us gobsmacked. Is that really her?

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It’s a face you’ve seen a hundred times but you’d be forgiven for not recognising this celebrity following her recent make under.

On Thursday night, guests at Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for relief benefit were treated to a very different Katie Price than the one we are used to seeing in the pages of the gossip magazines or websites.

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Gone were the layers of fake tan, mega lashes and super brows that we have come to associate with the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant and instead Katie emerged as, well, a high-class model who looked totally at home with those she shared the catwalk with.

Sporting slicked back dark hair, a distinct lack of her trademark bronzer and an on-trend bright orange lip, Katie wowed the crowd as a very different version of herself.

Katie Price (aka Jordan in the early days) first made a name for herself with huge inflatables, over-plumped lips and a serious commitment to hair extensions. At times she really was like a living Barbie (probably with the same amount of plastic).

Katie Price as we are used to seeing her. Image via Getty Images

From the start she was open about her extensive plastic surgery and made no excuses for who she was and what she looked like, but as Katie's career progressed past Page Three poster girl and into a reality star, the world got a glimpse into the real life of Ms Price.

We watched as her fairytale romance developed (and later dissolved) with Aussie '90s heart throb Peter Andre and awaited pictures of their children Junior and Princess. We cheered her on as she publicly stood up for her disabled son Harvey (to football star Dwight Yorke) following a hateful, vicious attack by a so called comedian. We followed as her relationship with cage fighter/crossdresser Alex Reid played out inside the Celebrity Big Brother House. The couple later married but divorced a short time later.

Most recently we've seen Katie give birth to her fourth child Jett Riviera and Katie's Twitter followers were treated to blow-by-blow accounts of new husband Kieran Hayler's infidelity. All in all, Katie's life has been undeniably eventful.

Katie at the launch of her latest book. Image via Getty Images.

It seems now though that Katie has a new goal – the high-end fashion industry, and it's well and truly in her sights. Speaking with the Daily Mail, Katie said, "I was totally up for the team giving me a new different look for the catwalk." And so a team of stylists, led by Matt Roskell of Francesco Group's Weeping Cross salon, set about transforming the former glamour model to the androgynous, suit wearing catwalk queen guests saw at the Ebola virus fundraiser. 

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Matt also spoke with the Daily Mail and explained the pressure he felt to create Katie's new look. "I have always thought Katie Price was incredibly beautiful, but I always thought the tan, hair extensions, fake eyelashes detracted from rather than enhanced her beauty. I was really excited, if a bit nervous, about being assigned to Katie but felt this was an amazing opportunity to show her and the fash pack how fierce she can actually look."

Katie on the catwalk of Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief Benefit. Image via Getty Images

Looking at the pictures of Katie, I have to agree. She is undeniably a beautiful woman and often I feel her natural beauty is hidden by the enhancements she uses. So from me, it's a yes. I love Katie's understated new look.

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What do you think? Are you fan of the new Katie Price?