The 8 most talked about celebrity instagram shots of 2014.

For most, checking our Instagram news feeds has become a daily ritual, if not a necessity.

Wake up. Reach for our phone. Scroll, scroll, scroll, refresh, scroll, refresh. Get out of bed. Scroll, refresh. Repeat.

Now, while we’re sure most of us use the app to follow friends and family, a high number of us also use it to follow a ridiculous amount of celebrities. Hey, we can’t help it. Their lives are just more interesting than that meal Sally just had at some hipster cafe.

Admit it, we all secretly love to see the world through a famous persons eyes and have direct access to the controversial pics they post. That’s why we’re remembering our favourite celebrity Instagrams of 2014.

1. Kim Kardashian West @kimkardashian

The photo to end all photos. Kanye West had this incredibly over-the-top flower wall that he designed for their lavish wedding this year. It fast became the most liked photo on Instagram ever, with over two million likes. If we know Kim (we don’t. Not at all) we can guess she was more excited about the number of likes than the number of flowers.

2. Beyoncé’s photoshop controversy.

Queen Bey has had her fair share of photoshop scandals as a result of the below picture she posted to her Instagram, plus a few others. This one made the Mamamia office feel incredibly sad that one of our favourite women is insecure about the incredible body that is world-wide famous. It made some of us a little disappointed, like Editor-In-Chief Jamila Rizvi, who penned a piece about her feelings after Bey’s latest photoshop scandal.

3. Marlon Wayans calling out Delta Goodrem’s dance moves.


Who could forget the ridiculously funny moment that comedian Marlon Wayans posted a photo of himself next to Delta Goodrem at the Beyonce/Jay Z concert, completely oblivious of her status as one of Australia’s best pop stars – or so it seemed. The photo of poor Delta grooving went viral,  Marlon’s awkward yet extremely funny caption being the cause:

“Man I got the most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN dancing next to me at the jay and bay concert. This bitch dancing to AC/DC.”

4. Kylie Jenner’s lips.

One of the most kontraversial things a Kardashian (Jenner) did this year was upload hundreds of photos of what seemed like cosmetically enhanced lips. It turns out, she just seriously outlines her puckers in lipstick each day, which seems like a lot of effort to go to for a few selfies. But hey, at least she’s not dabbling in cosmetic surgery at the tender age of 17. Not yet, anyway. 

If you look really, really closely, you can see where her natural lips end.

5. Taylor Swift’s 25th birthday party.

Taylor Swift really outdid herself on the celebrity best friend front this year. After achieving world domination with her new album 1989, Taylor celebrated her 25th birthday in style with some surprising guests. Justin Timberlake, Jay Z and Beyonce were in attendance, as well as Victoria’s Secret angel Karlie Kloss and that dude from The Fault in our Stars, Ansel Elgort. The entire world was a little bit green when we remembered our Saturday night consisted of Friends reruns and a bottle of cheap wine.

 From left: Karlie Kloss, one of the sisters from Haim, another sister from Haim, Jay Z, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Taylor, Sam Smith, the third sister from Haim.


6. Lara Bingle’s secret beach wedding.

For someone so public, Lara’s been nothing but private this year. So when we came across this photo of her on a beach in a bikini where a wedding was taking place, we all jumped to conclusions and were convinced her and actor-boyfriend Sam Worthington had tied the knot. Follow this by Sam calling her his wife when having a tousle with a paparazzi in New York City, and the rumours seemed to be true. Now, we’re all just waiting for a cryptic Instagram post about her possible-maybe-could-be pregnancy, and we can finish the year in peace.

7. The most famous selfie of all time.

Posted by Ellen Degeneres, she gathered all the famous people she could into a photo at the 2014 Oscars. There’s Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, Meryl Street, Julia Roberts, Ellen Degeneres, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Lupita Nyong’o, Angelina Jolie and Lupita’s brother, Peter. If only they had a selfie stick, they could have fit in a few more.

8. Kim Kardashian’s derriere.

She did it, people. She broke the Internet. Kim Kardashian posted her shoot from Paper magazine, where she was oiled up and naked. The Internet really couldn’t cope and had a brief period of complete freak out. But we got over it, until her front-on naked shots surfaced. Internet broke all over again.

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