A vagina tunnel and a taxidermy tiger: 9 of weirdest things celebrities have in their homes.

We all have guilty pleasures in life. 

And mine is getting a glimpse into the homes of celebrities.

I don’t want to see "why they’re just like us". I want to see the weird, the wonderful and the completely questionable.

And thanks to the fact that lots of A-listers are inviting us into their lives via house tour videos, there is plenty to gawk at.

From Adele to Kylie Jenner, here's a look at the most bizarre things 9 celebrities have in their homes: 

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Video via Mamamia.

1. Paris Hilton’s doggy mansion.

"A Spanish-style micro mansion."

Now that sounds very fancy, I’d love one of those. But alas, it’s not even for Paris Hilton herself: rather for her dogs.

"My dogs live in this two-storey doggy mansion that has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture and a chandelier," Paris explained on Twitter. 

Love it. 

Image: Instagram/ @parishilton. 


2. John Stamos’ Disney tribute. 

Actor John Stamos and his wife recently purchased a $5.8 million dollar house in Beverly Hills, so what better way to show it off than a full-blown house tour with Architectural Digest (AD).

Apparently, John once said to Tom Hanks that he thought it would be cool to have a typewriter. So, Tom Hanks gave him one. I wish I had friends like that.

Image: YouTube/ Architectural Digest.

 John then shows us his “party room.” And judging by the carpet, there have been a few too many parties thrown here.

“This is where I hide out now. And a lot of these are guitars I used on Full House too.”

Image: YouTube/ Architectural Digest.


Him and his wife are also “lifelong Disney fans.” So of course John fought off Michael Jackson at the time to secure the bid on this gigantic Disney sign. 

To finish off “the look,” the sign has been paired with a redundant carriage from Disney World’s Snow White amusement ride.

Image: YouTube/ Architectural Digest.

3. Dita Von Teese’s... dead animals. 

So, Dita Von Teese’s home is chock-a-block full of random stuffed animals. The more exotic, and probably endangered, the better. For example:

Two geese, that look like they’re getting it on.

A tiger that's wearing a very pretty tiara.

A rabbit sitting on a high chair, wearing a tailcoat.


An ostrich.

And a pheasant wearing a pearl necklace.

Image: YouTube/  Architectural Digest.

Then we have another rare big cat on display. A leopard perched on a piece of wood.

As Dita herself says, “I’m a maximalist not a minimalist.”

Image: YouTube/ Architectural Digest.


4. Kim Kardashian’s... minimalist mansion. 

Kim K’s $60 million dollar home brings a whole new meaning to ‘minimalist.’ The Kardashian and her now-ex Kanye West showcased their home for Vogue’s 73 Questions two years ago. 

White walls, white floor, a white bed, white sheets.


She does have two grey armchairs.

Also, in this palatial mansion is a gigantic bathtub for the whole family, minus Kanye, that genuinely looks like a cement box.

Image: YouTube/ Vogue.

According to Kim, the design vision was a “futuristic Belgian monastery.” And you know what, I think that vision was achieved.

Image: YouTube/ Vogue.


5. Yolanda Hadid’s epic glass fridge. 

While Yolanda Hadid was a cast member on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills from 2012 to 2016, audiences got a look into her huge a** mansion and there is something that has always stuck with me since: her fridge.

An odd choice I know, but once you’ve seen this fridge, no other fridge will stack up.

Basically, it’s made entirely out of glass, and looks to be over two metres tall, filled with a perfectly curated selection of produce.

In a house tour on YouTube, she said: “I came up with this design. I got out of bed, drew it, and started building it the next day.” 

Image: Bravo.

“I think anybody who visits my house, they always go, ‘oh my God! I want a fridge like that,’ so a lot of copies are being made, and I’m proud of that.”

Impressively, the fridge even had its own Twitter and Instagram account for quite some time.


6. Kylie Jenner’s champagne vending machine. 

Yes, it’s not exactly her home, but my god Kylie Jenner’s office is in a league of its own. And we got to see a full tour of it via her YouTube channel.

Highlights include:

Pink and white M&Ms monogrammed with Kylie’s face. 

Image: YouTube/ Kylie Jenner. 

A lipkit wall, which basically means a wall of lipsticks spanning across the entire bloody room. 

A bouquet of money flowers. 

A space she called “the creative room.” Except it’s completely white. How creative.

And a champagne vending machine, brimming with Moët & Chandon bottles. 

Image: YouTube/ Kylie Jenner.


7. Rainn Wilson’s pig farm. 

Now this is a bit of a rogue review, but if you loved The Office, you will love Rainn Wilson, the guy behind Dwight Schrute. 

Taking a trip down memory lane with AD, Rainn shows us his stuffed fox. At least it’s only one taxidermy this time.

Image: YouTube/ Architectural Digest. 

But right next to the fox, we have a wooden heart from an 1800s German medical school. 

And in what is probably the best reveal for any celebrity home, Rainn and his wife have a pig farm. 

One pig is called Amy who he calls his “little precious piggy princess,” the other is called Snorts, “the big bull in the china shop who is weird and neurotic.” 

No favouritism at all. 

Image: YouTube/ Architectural Digest. 

8. Adele’s framed... chewing gum. 


I couldn’t write this article without mentioning Adele and her framed piece of gum.

After being asked about her “proudest possession” in a 73 Questions with Vogue interview, Adele led the way to her piece of prized memorabilia.

Image: YouTube/ Vogue. 

“It’s pretty amazing,” she said as she handed over a picture frame containing a piece of gum chewed by one of Adele’s heroes, Celine Dion.

The sad thing is that the gum doesn’t even look that great: it’s grey and shrivelled. But I guess it’s the thought that counts. 

9. Cara Delevingne’s... vagina tunnel. 

Last but most definitely not least: Cara Delevingne. The Victoria Secret model describes her home as an “adults playhouse,” and she’s not wrong.

Listen to this episode of The Spill, where hosts Laura Brodnik and Kee Reece discuss Cara's home tour. Post continues after podcast.

As Cara said, “don’t stare at it too long or you’ll start to hallucinate.”


First, we have some endless Gucci wallpaper of heron birds. A roll of it will take you back $810.

Going into the formal dining room, we have a lovely colour combination of sunny yellow and bright purple.

Image: YouTube/ Architectural Digest.

Next, there is a see-through piano which she likes to play while naked. And honestly, I'd do the same if I could.

And the pièce de résistance: the vagina tunnel.

“This was the newest thing my architect helped me create. I called him up one day and asked for this, and he genuinely made this happen,” she said to AD. 

“I come in here to think. I come in here to create. I feel inspired in the vagina tunnel.”

Turns out the tunnel is really a short vaginal canal that turns into a fake washing machine exit in the spare bedroom. 

Image: YouTube/ Architectural Digest.


Feeling “birthed and cleansed,” Cara leads on to show us her vagina bouquet of roses. And I tell you what, I’m sure it smells better than Gwyneth’s Goop candle.

Sticking with the labia theme, Cara also has a “pink pussy palace.” The walls are made of velvet, there’s a stripper pole, a mirrored ceiling and what looks to be a soft and fluffy sex swing. 

Upstairs, there's a wall filled with hats. 

Sombreros, visors, train driver caps, a cowboy hat: you name the hat, it’s there. 

Image: YouTube/ Architectural Digest.

To finish off, we get a glimpse at the ball pit, filled with white and red, you guessed it, balls. 

Feature Image: Getty/Mamamia.

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