If Reese Witherspoon wore this to the races this year, she'd be told to go home.


Crop tops.

They’re the fashion trend that refuses to die, despite some stiff opposition.

In the against corner we have Racing Victoria, who released a statement saying they will enforce the no crop tops dress code in the member’s areas at Flemington this year.

But in the ‘For’ corner, we have pretty much every celebrity in the western world, who have been embracing versions of the crop-tops for months.

Exhibit A –  Reese Witherspoon, 38, who turned up to the London Film Festival wearing a peek-a-boo cut-out dress that showed off abs – actual abs – this week. If she was one of the A-List guests at the Birdcage this year, she’d be knocked back

And Reese isn’t the only celebrity showing a flash of belly flesh this week, she was joined by the likes of Miranda Kerr and Carmen Electra. Guess we won’t be seeing them in the Birdcage, either.

See Reese and more of the best frocks of the week, here:



Feeling inspired and want to try a full crop? Try these:

What gets your vote for best frock this week?

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