Guess how much Taylor Swift's matching outfit cost. (Hint: it's less than you think.)


I never thought I’d say this, but well played Taylor Swift, well played.


Make that well played H&M. The global fashion chain dressed T-Swizzle for the New York press conference for her new movie, The Giver. And it was a cracker.

The combined outfit (if you exclude the metallic pink Elie Saab heels) totals $59. If I had legs like that I’d be getting down to H&M stat to pick up the gorgeous floral matching top and skirt combo.

But Swifty isn’t the only one nailing it on The Giver press tour – take a look at Meryl Streep and her daughter, Louisa Gummer.

This photo gives me all the feels: firstly, who is this daughter? Why don’t I know anything about her? Secondly, how ADORABLE is this? Thirdly, did they style their outfits to match on purpose? I don’t even care, I love it.

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Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift get my pick for best dressed, who’s your favourite?

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