If you believe Instagram, celebrities are into some weird shit.

Celebrity Instagram endorsements are seriously dodgy.

Any human who follows celebrities on Instagram has seen countless selfies taken by them when they’re awkwardly holding a product you’ve never heard of, along with a caption like, “Can’t live without my #bellybuttoncleaner/eternalyouthserum/weightlossmagicpotion?”

They’re being paid. Obviously.

Celebrities rake in the cash while endorsing some extremely dubious products and they often don’t disclose the fact they’re being paid.

The Kardashians are HUGE fans of this particular money-making endeavour. Some of the products they just love include detox teas, teeth whiteners and waist-trainers… the list goes on.

Here’s Kim Kardashian pushing morning-sickness pills. Image via Instagram.

Other stars, particularly those who are, um, how to put it delicately….down on their luck, also love a little online promotion.

Many of them promote several different versions of the same thing (we’re looking at you, Lindsay Lohan, no one likes detox tea that much).

Interesting that Instagram has no problem with celebs doing this, yet won’t allow the slightest hint of nipple.

Here is a gallery of celebrities endorsing some truly terrible products. Sigh.

Prepare yourself, there’s a lot…

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