We are pretty sure we've found Hamish Blake's doppelgänger.


Something very important has recently come to our attention: Hamish Blake has a doppelgänger in the form of pianist Benjamin Grosvenor.

They look identical. Well very similar. Kind of. Same hair, maybe?

OK, so really it was just one person in the Mamamia office who’s SURE they are long-lost twins, but the rest of us didn’t really see it.

What do you think?: (post continues after photo)
Hamish vs Benjamin

Yeah. We’re not all convinced.

Instead, a few other names were thrown around as to who this talented musician ACTUALLY looks like.


A few thought fellow musician Jamie Cullum:

Jamie vs Benjamin

Others saw an uncanny resemblance to Australian comedian Tom Ballard:

Tom vs Benjamin

Others still saw George from Greys Anatomy, AKA T. R. Knight:

TR Knight vs Benjamin


And finally, some just saw a teddy bear.

Teddy vs Benjamin

It may be that Grosvenor just has ‘one of those faces’ that looks like just about anybody you’ve ever met.

Either way, the ‘who does Benjamin Grosvenor look like’ game kept us entertained for a few hours, and we can only hope it can do the same for you.

In case you’re looking for entertainment that’s a tad more refined, you should definitely check out Grosvenor’s performance of Brahms:

Video via BBC

And because we will never tire of looking at doppelgängers, here are a few more celebrity lookalikes:

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