Stay calm: We spy a distinct similarity between Beyonce and Zoe Foster Blake's babies.

In case you missed it, the season of celebrity baby arrivals is well and truly upon us. And with the many new additions to the world come some serious similarities, namely between Beyonce and Zoe Foster Blake.

First, let’s rewind things a little.

It all began on a quiet February morning when the Queen of pop posted a now iconic image of herself styled as the Madonna with child. Or in this case, children.

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Hours later, Foster Blake shared a similar (albeit far, far funnier) pregnancy announcement photo of herself.

And so the world went gaga with baby fever.


But as we now know, the similarities (or coincidences) between the two women did not stop there. And now here we are, in the midst of part II of the great baby trend of 2017.


Last month, the two babies of Bey entered the world – probably riding out of her uterus on a golden chariot, their halos perched perfectly atop their infant heads. Sir and Rumi Carter were officially in the building.

Then, earlier this week, Foster Blake announced that she and husband Hamish Blake had welcomed their second baby into the world, introducing Rudy Hazel to the world via Instagram.

Blinked and missed it? That’s okay, let us break it down for you.

Rumi and Rudy. Both alike in dignity, as Shakespeare would say, but really, both alike in name as well.

Shake your head if you will, but we see a trend. Expect to see more babies named Remi, Ryder, Romilly, Roma, Ravi and River in the near future.

And sure, it might seem easy to shrug it off as coincidence, but how often to coincidences strike in planet celebrity? Not that often, people.

Remember in the early 2000s when every celebrity was embracing ~unique~ names from other languages? (Cruz Beckham, Suri Cruise, we’re looking at you both).

Or when everyone went old world glam? Drew Barrymore named her daughter Olive, Kourtney Kardashian opted for Penelope and Angelina Jolie opted for Vivien.

Listen: Mamamia Out Loud discuss the newest celebrity baby names.

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