Is your celebrity crush an anti-vaxxer?

There are few deal-breakers more devastating than realising your celebrity crush is opposed to the vaccination of your future children.

Sadly, that’s the case with these big-time celebs, who’ve made it clear that they pride their right to “choose” (read: “make uninformed and baseless medical decisions against the advice of doctors”) over their child’s right to be safe from harmful and preventable disease.

It’s a stance that kind of dims their Hollywood glow. It’s a stance that might make you reconsider your favourite 90s romcoms (why, Clueless, why?), your favourite Victoria’s Secret Angels (why, Miranda Kerr, why?) and your favourite cartoonist (not you too, Michael Leunig!)

The controversial Leunig cartoon.

More importantly, it’s a stance that can have dangerous repercussions for the dedicated followers that most celebrities cultivate and influence via social media.

There’s a fine line between acceptably outrageous Hollywood shenanigans and the spreading of a potentially fatal message.

These are the celebrities on the wrong side of it.

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Miranda Kerr is trying to sell you a very dangerous message.

Jim Carrey used a stolen photo of an autistic boy in his anti-vaxx rant. The boy’s parents are “not happy”.

Oh, dear. Not Michael Leunig, too.

Was your celebrity crush on the list? 

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