Found: the most universally flattering hair colour.

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Feeling like a hair change but can’t quite decide between brown and blonde? The latest winter hair trend could just be the perfect compromise.

Dubbed “bronde”, it’s quickly become a favourite among celebrities, donning the heads of everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Taylor Swift and Beyonce to Elle Macpherson.

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Taking the popular tones of ombre or balayage, bronde incorporates the balance of brunette and blonde all over the head. (Post continues after gallery.)

The effect is natural looking “sun-drenched” hair that suggests you spend all your spare time doing fun things outdoors in the sunshine… even if the truth is the exact opposite.

Because the whole point of the colour is to sit right in the middle of the blonde/brunette spectrum, it’s extremely versatile.

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It’s perfect if you stuck between committing to one colour, great for those wanting a way to grow out their balayage or a sophisticated option for people wanting a current and easy hair change.

It’s also made for anyone who dreads the thought of committing to six week-ly trips to the hairdresser and the ideal colour for lived-in hair – a subtle and long-lasting alternative to traditional highlights.

Chrissy Teigen shows off her bronde hair on Instagram. Image via Instagram (@chrissyteigen)

Rather than balayage or tortoiseshell where the two colours tend to run into each other, for bronde hair the strands of blonde and brunette hair actually mingle together.

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Added highlights are typically in two or more colours, and only slightly different to the starting colour which is what creates the coveted "natural" effect. (Post continues after gallery.)

According to Schwarzkopf, brunettes can achieve the look by adding slightly lighter strands of hair, while blondes will get the sun-drenched look by colouring strands of their hair darker.

Exactly how dark will depend on the shade of blonde you are.

Golden blonde and light cappucino brown tones are generally universally flattering and good starting points.

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And the good news doesn't stop there.


While we all love the #flawless look and feeling of a fresh cut and dye, bronde hair actually looks better and natural as it goes on, as the strands grow and fade subtly each time you wash it.

Look at those delicious caramel tones - and it just keeps getting better. Image via Getty.

As a result, although it's being dubbed as the current hair trend to watch, we think bronde has the staying power to become a staple colour in its own right.

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Bronde bombshells, here we come!


Would you go bronde? Do you prefer it to balayage?