Celebrities' summer holidays are much, much better than ours.

If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram lately, you’re probably suffering from some serious holiday-envy. Many of our favourite Aussie celebrities appear to be holidaying in exotic destinations, while the rest of us are still sitting at home finishing off the leftovers from Christmas.

It looks like Byron Bay is the top place to be. Not only were the Danish Royal family spotted there, but the Hemsworths are vacationing there too. All of them.

Of course, during the holidays it’s important to spend time with those we love, no matter where we are. And there are lots of other ways to entertain yourself without snorkeling in the Maldives or roadtripping around Tasmania.

You could play with your Christmas presents, lbike Sonny Blake:

Sonny Blake playing with his giant Storm Trooper. Thanks, Dad. Image via Instagram: @hamishblakeshotz.

You could do some housework, like Hunter Curtis:

Video via Roxy Jacenko

Video via Instagram: @roxyjacenko.

Or you could do a Ricki-Lee and share several ‘throwback’ photos of when you were in paradise.

#throwbackthursday #throwbackfriday #throwbacksaturday #WHYAMIATHOME. Image via Instagram: @therickilee.

But we’ve got to be honest, hanging out by the pool in Bali, or exploring Mexico seems like a pretty special way to spend the holidays.

Take a look at these celebrities’ holiday destinations. Who knows – it might be us next year!