Annabel Crabb, Imogen Bailey and Sylvia Jeffreys read mean tweets about themselves.

More famous Australian women are brave enough to read mean tweets about themselves. Watch below for video number two in our disturbing video series.

Last week, we published a video of some famous Aussie women reading mean tweets about themselves. It quickly went viral as people were genuinely shocked at just how bad the abuse women receive online is.

We promised there would be more in the series and now we share the next version with you.

Watch the video above, which includes the following brave women: ABC journalist Annabel Crabb, former model and now human rights campaigner Imogen Bailey, radio host Mel Grieg, Today show’s Sylvia Jeffreys, Mamamia Editor-in-Chief Jamila Rizvi and Host of Mamamia TV Shelly Horton.

Yes, some of it is funny and able to be laughed off. And of course no one is exempt from this harassment, men are certainly copping their fair share online as well. But what we do see is that women are subject to a particularly sexual and violent form of abuse.

Here in Australia, more than one in three women have experienced some form of violence since the age of 15. Ninety percent of those cases will be perpetrated by men. On average 1.5 women die each week at the hands of their partners. This year we’ve already seen that rate jump to two.

While other crime statistics decrease, this one continues to rise.

Watch the first video here: Exposed: The horrible truth about how women are treated online.

So when we see women who are bold enough to have their say in public receive threats of violence and sexual abuse, we do really have to take this seriously.

We need cultural change. And that begins with the language we use.

Today, we want to say: This abuse is not OK. It’s never OK.

Share this video if you too have had enough. And let’s talk about it – join the conversation using the #tweetsaboutwomen hashtag. Let’s take this global.

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