Watch the commercials celebrities made before they were famous.

Yes, Jennifer Aniston was in a Lynx commercial.

Everyone’s had that first job they’re a little bit embarrassed to bring up.

Maybe it was harassing people as a telemarketer (like my first job), or spilling coffee over nearly every customer as a waiter (like my second job). Fortunately for most people though, these jobs were not recorded and put on Youtube.

Unfortunately for celebrities, their breakthrough roles in bad advertisements were.

From Jennifer Lawrence to Cameron Diaz, these are the best of the best advertisements of celebrities before they were famous.

Jennifer Lawrence

In a commercial for MTV’s Super Sweet 16 (that I may or may not have seen every episode of).

Naomi Watts

In a Tampax commercial. Enough said.

Jennifer Aniston

In a sexist (?) Lynx commercial.

Cameron Diaz

Being all Cameron Diaz in a coke commercial.

Portia de Rossi

Eating chicken in Ollie’s chicken drumettes ad.

Anne Hathaway

Using a landline (for anyone under the age of 20 this is a phone that was commonly used in the house).

Leonardo Dicaprio

Eating cheese.

Kate Fischer and Portia de Rossi

Walking a lot in the Albion Street Centre ad.

Russell Crowe

Going to da clubz.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Wearing jeans.

Tina Fey

Saying “hi!” for Mutual Savings Bank.