Celeb news: My Kitchen Rules 'bully' contestant hospitalised after finale.

Kelly Ramsay, one half of the resident ‘bully’ team on this year’s My Kitchen Rules, has told news.com.au that she has been having a majorly tough time since losing the show’s grand finale last week.

She revealed that she was admitted to hospital for exhaustion over the weekend, after waking up with a serious migraine.

“They said it was probably exhaustion and stress,” she said in the interview.

Chole and Kelly on MKR

Kelly said that being framed as bullies on the show has taken its toll on her and Chloe, and insists that they are now the ones being bullied by the public. She said she has been approached while out and sometimes even verbally abused by people who watched the show.

And the problems don’t end there – Kelly has said she is now broke and has had to move back in with her parents. She and Chloe were certain they would take out Channel 7’s insanely popular show but when they didn’t, they had to face a pretty harsh reality – and they finally had to face up to the behaviour that has made them so unpopular.

But regardless of what took place on the show, nobody deserves to be hated by an entire nation of people and it’s understandable that Kelly would be struggling with the pressure of that kind of notoriety.

“We have no money, I have people trolling my work to fire me, I was in hospital on Sunday with exhaustion. It cuts your whole soul, it cuts your being,” she said.

Hopefully she is supported and finds some direction now that the show is over.