Millie & Jo: beginning their new eating habits.

Thanks to our brand partner, PURINA ONE

Jo and Millie have just finished the first week of the PURINA ONE 21 Day Program, and Jo has noticed increased energy levels in Millie as she is playing in the night. Each week of the program Jo and Millie will be updating you on their progress.

During the first week of the PURINA ONE 21 Day Program you could see higher energy levels and refreshed vitality from your favourite feline. Look out for more play time, a renewed curiosity and liveliness.

By feeding your cat PURINA ONE, you can be confident your cat is getting all the nutrition they require. If you’re anything like Jo and Millie you know that your cat is part of your family, and you only want the best for them.

PURINA ONE is a super-premium dry cat food that has been carefully formulated by Purina nutritionists and vets. It can help you make a difference to your cat’s wellbeing through advanced nutrition, to help build the six signs of health including body condition; skin, coat and eyes; immune system; bone and joint health; digestion and dental health.

What changes have you seen in the first week of the PURINA ONE 21 Day program?

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