'My beautiful wedding was full of complete strangers.'

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Cath Pope is a business leader, a social activist and a dog lover. Her work is inspiring, her voice listened to and her success recognised throughout Australia.

She is also a happily married Australian woman. Just not here in her homeland.

Listen to Cath tell her story on our new, 14-minute podcast, Fighting For Fair. 

Pope is one of thousands of gay and lesbian people across the country who continue to be denied the right to legally marry their partner. Her position in the community may not be unique but her story couldn’t be more exceptional.

After a tipsy proposal at Hungry Jacks, the Managing Director married Kris in Argentina – after deciding against a Hobbit-themed commitment ceremony at home – in order to have their relationship legally recognised.

“For us, getting married meant legally married and that meant leaving our home, that meant leaving Australia,” says Cath.

Cath Pope, the very first guest on Fighting For Fair. (Source: Supplied.)

And although the long-awaited ceremony was not filled with friends and family, it was filled with the kindness of strangers.

People they met along the way - a taxi driver, a lawyer and even a wine guide - were incredulous that they had been forced to travel so far from home to say their vows.

Australia, it's time for marriage equality. It's time to fight for fair.

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