Nev Schulman: "Nothing can prepare you for the wave of emotions when your child is sick."

Catfish host Nev Schulman has described the emotional roller coaster he suffered during a health scare with his seven-month-old daughter, Cleo.

After noticing his daughter twitching and shuddering in an “unusual way”, a paediatrician referred Cleo to the neurology department at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for tests.

“Obviously at this point, we began to freak out. Could there be something wrong with our angel?,” Schulman said on Facebook.

The 32-year-old dad and his fiancee were told that their daughter’s strange movements could be anything from benign infant tremors to high frequency seizures.

“We did our best to stay calm, but nothing can prepare you for the wave of emotions that wash over you when your child is sick,” he said.

After Cleo was hooked up to an EEG brain monitor for 36 hours she was given the all clear by doctors.  Schulman says his baby girl is now doing “great”.

However, the TV star said he was moved to tears while staying at the hospital after meeting a mother who had a two-year-old son who was on life support and in need of a heart transplant.

He said it was “unacceptable” that US parents who do not have health coverage can end up in debt or bankrupt caring for sick children.

“I would be willing to do anything in order to assure the health and happiness of my child…getting Cleo the care she needed was not something I had to hesitate about for a moment,” he said.

“Sadly, many parents who are faced with a similar situation, find themselves without the health coverage needed to care for their kids, and end up in debt or bankrupt. This is unacceptable.”

“The best care for your child should never come with a price tag. We need to find a way to ensure that every kid gets the best care possible.”

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