'They've humiliated me.' The Bachelor "villains" unleash on producers after their exit.

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Have we been duped?

Bachie’s ‘mean girls’ are claiming they’re not that mean, and blaming their image wholly on editing.

All three of this season’s villains left The Bachelor mansion last night after a very dramatic cocktail party, but Cat Henesy, Romy Poulier and Alisha Aikten-Radburn are furious at producers for how they’ve been portrayed.

Jewellery designer Cat, 24, told producers were only showing snippets of conversations and remarks made about other bachelorettes.

“I have so much more to offer with my personality and they’ve just humiliated me,” she said.

Political advisor Alisha, 25, called their editing “awful” and 30-year-old photoshoot director Romy… Well, Romy felt betrayed and exploited.

“I kind of regret having such an opinion,” she told “I feel like at times we were a little manipulated to feel comfortable enough to give our opinion, which is then being taken out of context, twisted, and turned and built into this incredibly bitchy storyline.”

Cat was the first of the trio to exit when Nick asked her to leave during Thursday night’s cocktail party. Tenille had told Nick who the ‘mean girls’ were that upset her on Wednesday’s episode, during which she ran away from the mansion after a confrontation with Romy.

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"I feel like at times we were a little manipulated". Image: Instagram.

Cat told that at the time she was very shocked and upset about leaving.

"The fact that I had been living with all these girls and created such good relationships and not been able to say goodbye to anyone, just literally jumping in the car and having my bags packed for me was pretty full on."


Later at the rose ceremony, Alisha didn't receive a rose and Romy did not accept hers, saying the competition had become too much for her.

The trio are upset about the show's editing and believe other contestants, such as Tenille and Shannon, have not been shown accurately.

"There was a lot of times where she would abuse people and fly off the handle," Romy told about Shannon.

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Their portrayal on the show has led to a lot of public criticism. They've been called out for bullying and for remarks they've made about other women's appearances.

But Cat said she has now been bullied by viewers:

"I was waking up and I have 500 or something DMs from people telling me to kill myself, telling me I’m fat and ugly and a waste of space. The most nasty things you could ever imagine and no one deserves that."

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