A violent, clearly criminal cat is driving people from their homes in terror.


A small, black, clearly criminal cat has been stalking the streets of Pearl River in New York, staring ominously at people and fighting back when it gets kicked.

It even sat on one family’s welcome mat, and REFUSED TO MOVE FOR A PERIOD OF TIME:

According to CBS2 News, the family were so terrified by this welcome mat intrusion, that they went to stay with relatives the next day.“It was strange because it didn’t make a whole lot of noise like cats usually do,” owner of the mat, Mr. McKiernan said. “It was real quiet, and stared at me and had blood on its mouth. It was a little surreal.”

Along with the sitting and staring, apparently the cat has tried to scratch several residents, and just to make sure everybody stays calm, CBS2 speculates that the cat is possibly ‘rabid’. This poor little dog is no longer allowed outside, just in case he gets aggressively stared at by the horrifying criminal cat:

Police are on the lookout, but until the cat is found, no resident feels safe. “It’s been like lockdown. I feel bad for the kids, they’re afraid to go out,” Mr. McKiernan said.

Perhaps they should investigate whether or not the cat is related to the infamous feline who held his US family hostage last year. The family was forced to call 911 after barricading themselves in the bedroom:

It looks like cats are officially sick of our shit. THEY’RE COMING FOR US ALL.