It's official. The love rats of Big Brother are definitely on.

It’s your classic reality TV love story. Boy meets girl. Boy cheats on girl…

They’re the #dirtystreetpie of this week. Cat, 31, and Lawson, 23, have officially left the Big Brother house and walked head first into the loving arms of the media.

This morning, the pair spoke to Karl and Lisa on The Today Show, revealing how serious this #Clawson relationship really is. Spoiler: It’s very serious, apparently.

In response to Lisa’s question of whether Lawson has had an contact with his original Perth girlfriend, Candice, he said “I haven’t [spoken to her], very understandably she doesn’t want to speak to me.”

Cat and Lawson in the Big Brother house.

Cat, who has also been slammed for her serious pursuing of a man she already knew was taken, said, “This is the way that it’s turned out, it’s just the way it happened. It’s not nice knowing that I’ve caused that [heartbreak]."

Right now, the pair are just trying to figure out how their relationship will work in the outside world. “It’s hard to know how real life is going to affect [our relationship], going into the House is an adjustment, coming out of the House is an adjustment” said Cat.

Cat and Lawson getting seriously #grilled by Sonia Kruger.

The pair had spoken about taking a trip to Bali following their reunion in the outside world, and where spotted at Brisbane airport on Wednesday, but so far they haven't escaped the questions (or Australia).

And on the strength of their relationship, Cat says, “It definitely never felt like a fling at all, and still doesn’t."

Okay, Cat. Just make sure this doesn't become Bachie and Sam 2.0.

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