The cast of Ghostbusters. Where are they now?

In 1984 a little movie about catching ghosts took the world by storm.

If there’s somethin’ strange, in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call…GHOSTBUSTERS!

In 1984 a movie called Ghostbusters took the world by storm, grossing more than $295 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing film of the year.

We watched as scientists Peter Venkman, Raymond Stanz and Egon Spengler formed a ‘paranormal investigation’ company out of sheer desperation, when they are kicked out of Columbia University for their strange experiments and unpopular beliefs. That all happens shortly after their first encounter with a real ghost, the Librarian Ghost, who scared us to death for days, weeks and months afterwards.

They do manage to save New York City from all the crazy and evil paranormal activity, made a second movie and we have our fingers and toes crossed for a third. We've tracked down the cast of the original Ghostbusters movie.

Where are they now?

SCROLL THROUGH the gallery to find out where your favourite actors from Ghostbusters are now...

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