Source confirms Cassie Sainsbury has made plea deal with Colombian authorities.

A source close to News Corp has confirmed Cassie Sainsbury has reached a plea deal with Colombian authorities in a bid to secure her freedom. has reported the 22-year-old South Australian woman has reached a “pre-agreement” with the Colombian Fiscalia, or attorney-general to name the individuals who allegedly supplied her with the 5.8kg of cocaine found in her luggage at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota on April 11.

A judge will decide whether he accepts the deal when she appears before court in the Colombian capital tomorrow (Wednesday, Colombia time).

According to The Australian, successfully securing this plea deal would see Sainsbury serve as little as three and a half years in prison.

Although the deal is not expected to be made public until Wednesday local time, prosecution authorities have told The Australian a deal had been done.

‘Give us names or pay the price’ was the ultimatum Colombian authorities reportedly gave Sainsbury in relation to the cocaine drug trafficking charges.

The Advertiser reported authorities refused to accept a plea deal unless the Adelaide-born personal trainer gave up the details of the cartel who supplied her with the cocaine.

Sainsbury, who has maintained her innocence since her arrest, faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in Bogota’s El Buen Pastor women’s prison if convicted without the plea deal.