Cassie Olczak's first words to her rescuers after she vanished for five days.

Connie Olczak has spoken for the first time since being reunited with her daughter Cassie, who disappeared from Sydney’s south five days ago.

Police located the missing 16-year-old this morning, after she was spotted by a motorist near Waterfall train station about 9am.

She told her rescuers, “I’m so sorry… and I’m really hungry”, according to The Daily Mail.

“I want to thank all the SES, the police, detectives, everyone, the media that got the coverage out there to get her home,” Connie Olczak told a press conference this afternoon.

“It’s just a miracle. I’m just grateful they’ve found her.”

Cassie is currently being treated for exposure by medical staff.

missing sydney teen found cassie olsczac

Cassie Olczak, 16. Image: NSW Police.

Police are yet to talk to the teen about how she survived, or exactly what she's been doing since she vanished from Banksia train station in the city's south on Sunday evening.


"She has been in the bush, from what we understand, not that far from [Waterfall] train station area," Acting Superintendent Gary Ford told media.

"It's been cold. She's obviously had some exposure to the elements, but she is pretty much in really good health considering she's been out there for those couple of days."

Ms Olczak said she hasn't spoken with Cassie about her disappearance, saying her physical health is the current priority.

Cassie's last known movements on Sunday were captured by CCTV.

The 30-year-old described the moment she was reunited with Cassie as "the most amazing feeling in the world".

"I felt like I was living a movie. And I just had to keep looking at her, and 'Omg, I can't believe it's her'," she said.

"I was astonished how well she looks."

While the next week will undoubtedly be difficult for the family, Ms Olczak said it will be a breeze compared to the last five days.

"We'll handle it, and she's got everybody she needs - her loving sisters, and brothers and family," she said.

"We got her here. The detectives, the police, made a miracle come true, and we'll take care of the rest."

The teen’s disappearance sparked a wide-scale land and air search by dozens of police and SES volunteers, and took in dense bushland of the Royal National Park.

Cassie's distraught mother made several public appeals for information about her daughter's whereabouts, saying her disappearance was completely out of character.

Speaking yesterday to Mamamia, Ms Olczac, said Cassie had an argument with friends at around 5pm on the day she went missing.

"She was upset. She may have wanted to leave because she was upset," she said. "She may have wanted to digest that information."

Feature image via NSW Police.