Why The Red Pill director pulled out of a panel on male privilege last night.

Just hours before going to air on Tuesday night, The Red Pill director Cassie Jaye pulled out of a panel that would discuss male privilege on Hack Live.

Jaye was due to appear on the panel alongside feminist writer Clementine Ford, men’s rights activist Adrian Johnson, youth mentor Joe Williams, anti-feminist and journalist Daisy Cousens, transgender activist Nevo Zesin, among other researchers and academics.

However, according to Triple J, in an email to producers at about 3.15pm, Jaye said she did not want to appear on the program for fear the experience would mirror her recent interviews on The Project and Weekend Sunrise.

“I already see so many warning signs of inherent bias based on the program’s marketing,” she wrote in the email, the ABC reports.

“I don’t see what I can gain by being a part of this when it’s clear that the show is going to give selective and limited airtime to certain guests over others.”

Jaye’s cancellation comes after she appeared on The Bolt Report last week to criticise both Weekend Sunrise and The Project for what she said were “aggressive” interviews.

“I’ve never been treated like I was on Sunrise and also The Project … a lot of people don’t realise, my interview with The Project was heavily edited down,” she told Andrew Bolt.

“My full interview with them was very hostile and aggressive and on the attack, and I definitely felt ambushed. I’ve never been treated in any other press appearances like I have been on Sunrise and The Project.”

She similarly criticised Weekend Sunrise Hosts Andrew O’Keeffe and Monique Wright whom she said had not watched her movie, but who “decidedly hated the film and aimed to smear [her] name”.

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