Seven Year Switch's Cassie and Ryan finally confirm they're expecting a baby.

After much speculation, Seven Year Switch‘s Cassie and Ryan have confirmed they have another baby on the way.

Having previously lost a baby at 37 weeks, the pair chose to announce the beautiful news on the reunion episode of the show.

“We’re expecting our fourth baby, we found out a couple of days before we started filming. We wanted to keep it quiet for the time being since we’ve had hardships through our pregnancies,” Cassie said.

“It’s a scary process this pregnancy has gone so quickly, I don’t even know if I’m ready yet. We’re expecting another little girl,” she continued.

The announcement is unlikely to come as a shock given a “source” told Woman’s Day in March that Cassie and Ryan were unexpectedly pregnant. Apparently the pair only realised they had fallen pregnant after the show started filming, and that “huge drama and tears” followed.

Images of Cassie’s rounded belly in a bathing suit added fuel to the fire, as did comments from Facebook users who claimed they witnessed the couple buying baby supplies at a local shopping centre.

The below footage of Cassie in a bathing suit propelled speculation Cassie was pregnant. Post continues after video…

Video via Channel 7

The news is heartwarming given the couple’s relationship problems largely stemmed from the loss of their son. Speaking to his experimental partner Michelle, Ryan explained: “Cass and I lost my first born son three years ago. He was stillborn. The majority of our problems started then… We’re very open in how we talk about it.”

“You’re so strong,” Michelle replied.

“Well I haven’t been, I haven’t been. I really dropped the ball on my family. You know, I really did. What kind of man am I? In that process I’ve forgotten myself and I’ve forgotten Cass. I’ve forgotten her, she’s just been pushed out of the picture completely. So the wheels have completely really fallen off for us,” Ryan said, continuing: “My wife is the strongest person I’ve ever met. She’s my hero that woman.”

Ryan and Cassie already have an 11-month-old daughter together, Emmerson, and Cassie is mother to nine-year-old Ramani from a previous relationship.

Congratulations Cassie and Ryan!

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