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1. “I’m glad it’s not me!” Cassandra Thorburn opens up about how she felt when ex-husband Karl announced his baby news.

Karl Stefanovic and his second wife, Jasmine Yarbrough made headlines last year when they announced they were expecting their first child together.

And now Karl’s ex-wife, Cassandra Thorburn, has shared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show how she reacted when she first heard Karl’s baby news.

“What did you think when you saw that your ex is now having a baby with someone else? Was that a weird moment for you?” asked Kyle Sandilands on the show.

“What did I think?” Cassandra replied with a laugh. “I thought, ‘I’m glad it’s not me!’ To be honest, that’s all I thought.”

Cassandra explained there are no hard feelings between herself and Karl.

“He’s married. I’m living my life. We still share three children and nothing is ever going to change that.”

Karl and Cassandra, who separated in 2016 after 21 years of marriage, share two sons together, Jackson and River and daughter, Ava.

Kyle also asked Cassandra if she had ‘taken another lover’ since their split.

“Just one. Just one!” she responded, insinuating she currently has or once had a boyfriend.

The pair separated just months before Karl started dating Jasmine in late 2016.

Karl and Jasmine celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in December last year and are due to welcome their baby daughter in May.


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2. We have our first glimpse of Locky Gilbert with a brunette on set of The Bachelor and WE CAN’T WAIT.

Former Survivor star, Locky Gilbert, has been hard at work filming The Bachelor after announcing his casting last week – and it looks like we’ve just got our first glimpse at one of the contestants vying for his heart.

The Daily Mail has released shots of the 30-year-old on a yacht and swimming in Rushcutters Bay with a mystery brunette, presumably on a single date.

Oh, and spoiler alert, he gives her a rose.

In his Instagram announcement last week, Locky said he was excited to be announced as the 2020 Bachelor.

“There’s no denying I’ve had some incredible, heart-stopping experiences for both work and fun, but this takes the cake,” he said.

“Pack your bags Australia… (I) cannot wait to share this epic romantic adventure with you all.”


3. Oh. MAFS’ KC has made it known she is not impressed Stacey shared their private texts with the media.

Married at First Sight’s newest bride, KC, has spoken about those leaked text messages between herself and Stacey and she is not happy.


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If you’re unsure what we’re talking about, let’s fill you in.

Text messages obtained by the Daily Mail show KC asking Stacey if she could get drinks with her husband, Michael Goonan.

“I spoke to Michael a couple [of] days ago, he asked how I was, we had a chat, he said he was coming to Sydney and if I wanted to go meet him for a drink,” read KC’s message.

“I said if I do I would first ask you… Not sure I will but I do see Michael as a friend but that’s it.”


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Apparently, the texts ended with KC agreeing she wouldn’t see Michael for a drink… but photos of the pair out socialising contradict this.

Now, a week later, KC has shared how she felt about the text messages being leaked to the media when speaking to Krysti and Bodge on Hit Mid North Coast radio.

“I’m not going to badmouth her, but I will say that it’s disappointing,” KC said.

She also clarified that the texts were exchanged before she met up with Michael.

“And those messages were sent way before I even had a drink with Michael,” she continued.

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4. ‘You don’t understand what you’re getting into.’ Sam Wood on what reality TV fame is really like.

Ex-Bachelor Sam Wood has opened up about what reality TV fame is really like.

He touched on the best advice he received before going on The Bachelor and what his next move is.

Speaking to Now To LoveWood said, “I definitely don’t think you understand what you’re getting yourself into before you do.”

Before appearing on the third season of The Bachelor in 2015 and meeting his now-wife, Snezana Markoski, Wood got some advice from his father.


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“He’d never seen The Bachelor, but, he said: ‘Mate, if you’re yourself, I think you’ll be fine.’ And it was the best advice anyone gave me,” said Wood.

When discussing recent tragedies involving reality TV stars, he said, “I think we have to look out for each other. You can think, ‘I’m a strong person, I’m a resilient person, I can handle this or it’ll be fun.’ But you go from relative obscurity to everyone knowing who you are and having opinion on you.”

Lastly, Sam announced that after a five-year break from television, he will be back on your screens and appearing on Better Homes and Gardens, as the resident health and fitness expert.


5. Josh’s mum accuses Cathy of being a “paid actress” and every other MAFS rumour in one place.

Hang on to your fruit bowls and suspend any remaining belief in the sanctity of marriage, because Married at First Sight 2020 is well underway.

We’re seven seasons in and yes, the experts are still trying to palm this off as a “social experiment” and we’re no longer mad about it.

To date, we’ve had countless couple swaps, one smashed fruit bowl, lord knows how many broken wine glasses, and only three couples who have stood the test of time: season one’s Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr, season six’s Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant and Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli.

We’re well and truly into the new season of MAFS, and we can confirm the rumour mill is in overdrive. Think: cheating scandals, fights and breakups.

Now allow us to fulfill your drama-loving appetites.

MAFS 2020
Image: Instagram.

Josh and Cathy are over.

Another one bites the dust.

In a brutal post shared to Facebook, Josh seemingly confirmed his split from Cathy after complaining about the way he was edited in the show.

During their hometown date, Cathy accused Josh of throwing her under the bus after Josh’s mum brought up the couple’s issues at lunch.


“What a terrible edit, f*ck it, I’m calling [my] mum,” he wrote on Facebook.

“F*ck me dead on a Devon sandwich. [Producers] left out the [entire] lunch and I had the old hugs and kisses back [from Cathy afterwards]. MAFS [has] f*cked me in the backside. Should’ve went on Survivor. I’ll never do a TV show again.”

In the comments on the post, Josh’s mother Mandy accused Cathy of being a “paid actress employed by producers”.

Another family member commented: “We did well to keep our gobs shut until now! Cathy is playing a victim! The tears, definitely trying to get on Home and Away. She’s playing her role, well, sort of.”

Speaking to TV WEEK, Josh also admitted that Cathy left the show for an entire night after Josh told the experts at the commitment ceremony that he was worried they were ‘just friends’.

“Cathy went out and didn’t come home for the entire night,” he said.

“I was worried sick about her. The producers didn’t know where she was.”

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