'She had 5 makeup artists.' Cass Thorburn's new comments about ex's wedding.

Last week Cassandra Thorburn denied she labelled ex-husband Karl Stefanovic “fake” in an interview New Idea published about his Mexico wedding to Jasmine Yarbrough.

But it seems she had far more to say about Karl during the chat – which The Daily Telegraph has “verified, irrefutably” did occur.

On Monday, New Idea published what they say is the complete conversation with Cass, where she spoke about Jasmine’s wedding preparations and whether her kids wanted to attend their father’s wedding.

Thorburn reportedly said that Jackson, 19, Ava, 13, and River, 12, travelled with their Today show host father to Mexico, but did not attend the wedding.

“They were told they never had to go [to the actual wedding]. My 19-year-old has assured me they did not attend,” she is quoted as saying.

“They [had] to go [to Mexico] and my eldest son went to protect them because at the commitment ceremony they tried to force my children, remember.”

karl stefanovic wedding
Cassandra Thorburn denies she spoke to New Idea. Image: Getty

There have been mixed reports on whether the kids attended any of the celebrations at One&Only Palmilla resort, but the magazine reports the 47-year-old said they did not.

On the subject of Karl's new wife, she was reportedly taken aback by the number of makeup artists hired for the wedding.

"She paid for five makeup artists from LA. Five," she is reported as saying, adding that she knew because she still "gets the bills".

New Idea reports that Cass also took aim at Georgie Gardner for not "standing up for women" after a phone call Karl's brother Pete made in an Uber was recorded, where they said negative things about his Today co-host.

"This was her opportunity to stand up for women," she allegedly said, sensationally suggesting that it was because Nine "threw extra money at her".

"She got to sell [her house] six months after Ubergate and buy a better house. There you go."

However, we should consider these quotes carefully. On Studio Ten on Tuesday, Cass said that the quotes from the original article were "made up".

"I did NO interview with New Idea. There was no interview," she said.

But The Daily Telegraph later reported the comments were made in an airport cafe with a journalist named Jonathan Marshall.

She was quoted as saying, "He’s thrown three weddings for goodness sake. Who needs three weddings in a year? Give us a break."

"Everything he says is about this fake person who lives in this fake castle, it’s not real."