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The Bachelor’s Cass is fairly certain that Matt Agnew will end up with Chelsie.

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When Bachelorette Cassandra Mamone exited the Bachelor mansion, there was an elephant in the room which was never properly addressed.

Meeting Matt Agnew’s best friend Kate, the topic of Cass’ business, her self-named jewellery label, came into the conversation more than once. Kate wanted to know whether she had plans to get married and have children in the next three to five years, however the 33-year-old had other priorities.

“I don’t know when I want to have kids, as long as it’s before 40 now, or 42,” she said.

“My business, it’s my name. At the end of the day, it’s really important to have goals.”

Cass talks about her career on The Bachelor. Post continues below.

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In reality, Cass told Mamamia her eviction probably had a lot more to do with her hair colour, than her career.

“It was beautifully edited, I must say,” she said.

“Obviously my conversation with Kate was a lot more in-depth than that, but they just pulled out the business parts. At the end of the day they need a reason, and a background of why they’re getting rid of someone.

“Do I feel like someone should be booted off for having a business? Hell no! Do I think I got booted off because I’m a brunette? [It’s] probably more that.”


Although the jewellery designer is no longer in the running to win Matt’s heart, she’s not overly bothered. Cass said she’s happy she never betrayed her values for extra airtime, something which probably led to her early eviction.

“At the end of the day it’s a show, they need ratings, and if I’m there going ‘no, no, I’m nice, I don’t want to talk about that person,’ they’re going to have to give you a boot,” she said.

“So if you don’t quite fit in with what Matt is essentially looking for, at the end of the day, you’re going to have your exit sooner rather than later.”

As for what kind of partner Matt is looking for, we believe Cass just not-so-subtly hinted that Chelsie McLeod was the front-runner.

“I think he’s looking for someone that is in a similar industry to him maybe, [someone who’s] easy going. He’s just in general, a nice guy and he just wants a companion at this stage in his life,” she said.

Although Sogand Mohtat works as a civil engineer, we think this bodes even better for Chelsie, the blonde, chemical engineer who literally tattooed the love chemical, oxytocin on Matt’s chest, approximately 3.7 second after their first meeting.


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When pressed as to whether a shared professional interest was a big deal for Matt, Cass’ was certain.

“Yeah absolutely. At the start a few of us were saying ‘I personally wouldn’t want a jeweller/designer boyfriend.’ How boring,” she joked.

“You’d talk about the same stuff everyday. But that’s me.”

the bachelor australia 2019 chelsie
IT'S LOVE. WE SEE IT. Image: Channel 10.

Since episode one, it's been predicted Chelsie will win Matt's heart, with the 28-year-old currently tipped to win first place by Sportsbet. Their chemistry was further cemented on their solo date in episode six where they attempted to make cake before getting into a food fight and pashing in the pool.

Like we said, we're not surprised.

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