Popular beauty vlogger discovers she has two vaginas.

Image: YouTube.

Beauty vlogger Cassandra Bankson has wowed us yet again with her honesty, by revealing in a new video that she has two vaginas.

You may remember Cassandra from her famous YouTube tutorial on how to disguise severe acne with makeup. For this video, she was applauded for her frankness, as she cried and spoke about the difficulty of living with adult acne.

In a recent diagnosis, Ms. Bankson discovered that she had two vaginas – as well as two uterus, two cervixes, two fallopian tubes and only one kidney.

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Bankson is dealing with this life-changing news with the humour and grace that has made her YouTube Channel, DiamondsAndHeels14, a hit amongst her 1 million subscribers.

“I kind of walked in and said, ‘Guess what, mom. I’m twice the woman – I have two vaginas’,” she told Daily Mail.

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While she has spoken of her shock, she is also resolved to maintain her normal life.

Until recently, Bankson was unaware that she had this extremely rare condition, which is known in medical terms as uterus didelphys. While she suffered from symptoms such as severe lower back pain and periods which lasted for 28 days, her previous visits to the doctor left the condition undiagnosed.

It wasn’t until a doctor suggested that she undergo various tests, such as an ultrasound, MRI and blood tests, that her condition was discovered.


The condition occurs when the uterus starts out as two small tubes in the womb, which are supposed to fuse, but do not.

Cassandra Bankson, via Instagram.

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Bankson spoke to Barcroft TV, she described the condition as “like an upside-down nose”.

She openly discussed the way her condition may affect her sex life.

"As far as my understanding of how it affects a person's sex life - for some people having two vaginas can make it very painful - for others I assume there are more nerve endings so it could be more pleasurable."

Cassandra Bankson at a cat cafe in Spain, via Instagram.

The Mayo Clinic states that it is possible for women with a “double uterus” to have normal pregnancies and deliveries, however, “sometimes a double uterus and other abnormalities of uterine development lead to infertility or miscarriage. A double uterus may also cause premature birth or unusual positions of the baby in the uterus, such as bottom down (breech presentation)”.

And yet, there are also positive stories of women with a double uterus who have carried and birthed children. Most notable is Rinku Devi, 28, who resides in India, who gave birth to twins. Each twin had developed in a separate womb.

Cassandra Bankson’s open discussion about her double uterus is refreshing and brave. While many other beauty vloggers prefer to create the illusion of a life, body and face which is perfect, Bankson has been real with us in the most intimate way.

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