From cocktails to activewear: 6 purchases you need this summer, and how to get cash back on all of them.

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I just want to make sure that you’re sitting down first.     

Okay, so… I don’t mean to alarm you, but it’s less than six weeks until Christmas. 

Before you start stressing about everything you need to buy for your friends, family and the work Kris Kringle, let me give you the rundown on the things you might need for you. And of course: how to get a sweet deal on them as well. 

I want to introduce to you a little friend of mine this silly (read: shopping) season. Australian owned and operated, Cashrewards is the country’s largest and most trusted cashback shopping community with over 1 million members. 

Cashrewards members (like yours truly) receive cashback on the brands and stores we all know and love – like Amazon, Bonds, The Iconic, Shavershop, Sephora, Booking.com, Chemist Warehouse, Liquorland, Nike, Myer and FarFetch – by simply shopping them through the Cashrewards website or app. 

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I say this every year, but this year I’m ACTUALLY going to be prepared to knock over my shopping on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend (coming our way this November 26). 

Team that up with shopping them on the Cashrewards app and I’ve got a one-way ticket to savings town.

Oh, and if you’re with ANZ like I am, link that card up to become Cashrewards Max member. You’ll get access to special cashback deals and extra benefits, such as exclusive shopping events.

So. Good. If you’re already an online shopper, it’s just the easiest way to find all the best deals of the season in one handy spot.

Okay friends, so here’s what you’re going to need.

1. Your Chrissy day outfit

Right, let’s get the most important thing (IMO) out of the way. The outfit that you’re going to wear to walk around your nan’s kitchen, overeat (and potentially overheat) in and probably spill on is arguably one of the most important purchases in the lead-up to Chrissy Day.

This year, I’ll be picking up my entire ‘fit from Myer (with cashback). 

Just so you know, you can search for everything you need on the actual Cashrewards site, so for me, it's like the must-have shopping tool to help me save money by serving up all the best deals, basically on a silver platter, in just one place.


With brands like Marcs, Sass and Bide, Seed Heritage and even Seafolly if you’re heading somewhere to cool off, you seriously can’t go wrong.

Confession: last year I left organising my outfit until Christmas Eve and it was a nightmare, so I’d suggest trying to lock this one away during those Black Friday sales.

Here’s my Myer pick for this year’s Christmas Day festivities: their flowy, throw-on-and-go Seed Heritage Core Linen Full Hem Midi Dress (that I’ll pretty much be living in this season).

Image: Myer.

2. Upgrade your devices

I’m going to dive right in here, Apple products are rarely on sale right? Wrong – sort of. With Cashrewards you can get cash straight back in your pocket on your new Apple devices which, let’s face it, you’re going to purchase at some stage anyway (Apple Watch mania… basically, IYKYK). 

If you piggy back this on top of the cheeky deals you’ll likely find at other stores across the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale weekend, it’s a pretty handy way to get bang for your buck and save so much more before your festive shopping.

Know that you’re due for an upgrade soon on your headphones, tablet or phone? My suggestion is to make sure you’re an ANZ cardholder before Black Friday so you can stack your savings as much as you can with Cashrewards Max. 


You can even get additional refer a friend bonuses on Cashrewards Max, so time to start assessing who gets the coveted top-friend-of-the-week spot!

If you’re upgrading an Apple device (or several) anyway, it’s definitely one to consider purchasing via the Cashrewards app to see what savings you’re able to get back into your pocket.

3. New activewear

As we’re headed into the heat, put those full length tights away for another year and treat yourself to some fresh activewear for a summer of beach walks and bike rides with your loved ones.

Seriously, Cotton On is my go-to for affordable activewear, and this new season definitely has an awesome Insta-worthy variety of cuts and patterns. 

I also love their super helpful size guide online that tells you whether that particular style tends to run smaller or larger – we all know how heckin’ helpful that is pre-purchase. 

Seriously, how cute is this set? And Cashrewards Max members can receive 25 per cent cashback this Black Friday, too. Well, that's nothing to sneeze at.

Image: Cotton On. 

4. Top up your smalls drawer

Remember back in the day when you were most definitely a teenager and devastated about getting new socks and undies for Christmas? What fools we were! That’s now a pure luxury! Honestly, these days I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather find under the Christmas tree than some fresh Bonds.


Heading into summer, it’s the perfect time to take stock, Marie Kondo style, and go through that smalls drawer: throw out everything that’s looking a little see-through, the pilling has gotten out of control or has a busted elastic waistband (or if you’re me, have actual holes in them…).

Anything and everything you buy from Bonds you can claim a huge 20 per cent cashback, so even better.

 I’ve taken it next level too, and have the handy browser extension installed so I get the Cashrewards alerts on brands I search, and (like the savvy friend I swear we all need) applies coupons automatically where they’re available.

5. A new book

And finally, once all the madness dies down in the lead up to Chrissy, you’re going to want to carve out some time to, you know, actually relax on your summer break. 

Perhaps during the week between the 25th and New Year's where no-one actually knows what day or time it is? Ah, bliss. 

When it comes to books at good prices, Catch.com.au has a seriously good collection of new releases as well as the classics. 

Here’s the new release, Win, from my fave author at the moment I’ll be getting my hands on next!

Image: Catch.com.au.


6. Christmas cocktails

In case you’re buying it anyway for an upcoming festive celebration or Kris Kringle gift, here’s a helpful side note from one practical friend to another: you can purchase your alcohol from Liquorland via the Cashrewards website, and Cashrewards will stack some savings back in your own pocket to say thanks. Well, 27 per cent cashback to be exact. Cheers to that! 

Something that’s just hit shelves and I’ve been eyeing off is this Baileys Apple Pie Limited Edition Liqueur

Baileys have infused their delicious Irish cream liqueur with the taste of homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream, and it’d make the perfect gift for the sweet tooth in your life (which may or may not be… yourself).

Always drink responsibly. Image: Liquorland. 

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