Over a decade ago, Casey Donovan was catfished. Now she's engaged to her girlfriend.

Today is a blessed day for Casey Donovan and fans of the iconic Australian artist: our golden gal just got engaged! 

Casey met Renee Sharples, a lecturer in paramedicine, on the dating app Bumble around 2021 and after setting up some Zoom dates, they started dating — and the rest is history

A week after the proposal, Casey shared the happy news with her followers on Instagram. "21.06.24 on the strawberry moon of the winter solstice, the love of my life asked me if I wanted to do this life together forever," she wrote.

Casey then relayed the speech that Renee delivered: "The day I met you, home was no longer a place, it became a person and yes, you are a gypsy but there's nobody else I would rather attach my wagon to on this beautiful road trip called life," she wrote.

"And with that, I said yes!" she finished the post, with pics of her gorgeous engagement ring. 

Shine bright like a diamond! Image: Instagram/@caseydonovan88.


The ring is by jewellery designer, Mondial By Nadia.

The post has been flooded with loving messages. "Congratulations gorgeous," wrote fellow Australian Idol alum, Ricki-Lee Coulter. "Congratulations darling," added another singing comp veteran, Paulini Curuenavuli. 

The star of musicals And Juliet and Sister Act hasn't had the easiest road to the altar. 

In 2014, Casey admitted she was the victim of a catfishing scam by a woman she considered her friend. Back when Casey first debuted on Australian Idol as a 16-year-old, she met a man named 'Campbell', who claimed to have gotten her number from a "friend of hers". 

At the same time, she started a friendship with a woman named Olga. 

The relationship with Campbell continued for six years before she discovered that Olga was Campbell all along. 

It's been a heartbreaking journey but with Renee by her side now, Casey said earlier this year, she's never been happier. 

"I'm in a very happy secure place in my life," the singer told The Daily Telegraph in March.

"It has taken me [time] to find the love of my life and to kiss a few frogs – and go through a very big part of my life that was challenging – to find confidence and happiness within myself." 

Feature image: Instagram/@caseydonovan88.

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