Carrie Bickmore's on-air slip is the breast thing we've seen all week.

Ah, the magic of live television.

It was the belly laugh we all needed following our first day back at work last night when Carrie Bickmore, host of The Project, made a boob of herself when signing off.

Carrie was preparing to finish the show and cross over to the Big Bash League live in Adelaide, when she made the slip-up.

She said: “Adelaide we’re going to leave you here, you’re going off to watch the Big Breast …”

Big breast. Ohhh Carrie.

Obviously, Twitter lost it’s sh*t:

Carrie and her co-hosts Peter Helliar and the recently hitched Daniel MacPherson all started laughing hysterically, as she covered her mouth in shock and clearly thought to herself – ‘Oh. My. God. BREAST.’

Kudos to Carrie, however, as she made enough of a recovery to sign off with – “We’ll see you”.

Proving that live TV really is very much live, Carrie made a hilarious mistake back in 2012 when she accidentally dropped the C-bomb. ‘Qantas’ – ‘C—as’ – easy mistake to make, right?

Secondary only to accidentally saying ‘I love you’ to your boss before hanging up, we reckon this is the breast thing that we’ve seen on the telly in a while.

Thanks for the lols, Carrie.

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