Carrie Bickmore shares details of what really goes on behind the scenes on The Project.

We all know Carrie Bickmore is about as down to earth and low-maintenance as a television star can get. But apparently her co-hosts prefer a little more pampering.

The Project host told The Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning that she’s the first out the door when filming wraps each night, while Peter Helliar and Waleed Ali stay back to get a mini facial.

“They get a little massage. It’s just like a little facial massage,” she laughed. “I think it’s a thing that started at the beginning and then no one stopped it, so I think they just do it because it’s on offer.”

Via Instagram.

Carrie might not feel the need for a massage, but that doesn't mean her schedule isn't any less stressful.

"For me I'm in hair and makeup (at) one o'clock in the afternoon, and then we have meetings, voice overs and rehearsals and stuff throughout the day," she told the KIIS FM hosts.

"But most mornings I have something else on like today I'm doing radio stuff, some mornings I'm doing shoots. So it's not like any day is the same."


Until she gets home, that is. Once she's through the door, there's one tradition she tries not to miss.

"I get home in time for a story and bedtime for my son," she said.