Celeb in 5: Sunday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. “I have huge mixed emotions.” Carrie Bickmore on returning to The Project after maternity leave.

On Monday night, beloved TV presenter Carrie Bickmore will return to her seat behind the desk on The Project, seven months after giving birth to her daughter Adelaide.

The 38-year-old took maternity leave from the Network 10 news show after welcoming her third child, the second with her partner Chris Walker.

Despite having co-hosted The Project for 10 years, Bickmore says she has “mixed emotions” about returning to her role.


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“I’m looking forward to getting a coffee and being able to drink it before it gets cold, and for the silence of a 20-minute ride into work. But I’ll be really honest, I have huge mixed emotions about [going back to The Project],” she told The Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday.

“I think it’s going to be a massive adjustment for me heading back to work. I’ll have a little pain in my tummy, but that’s the reality of working when you’re a parent… I don’t know if you ever feel quite content.”

Bickmore has been open about struggling going from two to three children, sharing candid images of herself and baby Addie on Instagram during her maternity leave. She is also mum to Ollie, 12, and Evie, four.

We can’t wait to see Carrie back on our screens next week!


You can watch the promo for Carrie’s return to The Project below. Post continues after video.

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2. There’s a very familiar face from Queer Eye in the new season of Stranger Things.

Season three of Stranger Things has dropped and precisely everyone is watching or has already watched it.

As with any binge-watchable show, fan theories are spreading like wildfire about what will happen in the next season.

But even the most avid fans didn’t notice a familiar face from Netflix’s Queer Eye throughout the season.

Yep, one of Nancy’s sexist coworkers is the one and only William Mahnken from Season 2, Episode 2 of Queer Eye.

Best known for his “Will you Shannan me?” proposal, William shared on Twitter that he can be found nine times in the new season of Stranger Things.


Excuse us, we have a season to watch.

3. Oh. Apparently Chris Hemsworth felt “pregnant” while filming Avengers: Endgame.

Spending hours on end in a prosthetic suit ought to leave you feeling unwell.

But for Chris Hemsworth, wearing a prosthetic suit in Avengers: Endgame left him feeling… pregnant.

chris hemsworth
Image: Avengers Endgame.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the actor explained that people kept rubbing his stomach while on set.


"It weighed around 40kg so it was very heavy. It’s a silicon sort of prosthetic suit with a zip at the back, and at any moment people would come up and rub my stomach. I know how my wife feels now when she was pregnant," he told The Daily Telegraph.

He added that the suit was weighted in order to force him to move his body in a different way.

"I had weights in my wrist and my ankles to make me move differently, but I enjoyed the transformation and freedom to do whatever I wanted with the character," he added.

Sounds... uncomfortable.

4. We have so many questions about Shay Mitchell's gender reveal.

When it comes to gender reveals, expectant parents are always trying to invent new, creative ways to discover the sex of their new baby.

But Pretty Little Liars actor Shay Mitchell has outdone everyone in the realm of creativity. Forget balloons, cakes and confetti, Mitchell and her boyfriend Matte Babel discovered their child's sex with Power Rangers... fighting each other.

It was... bizarre.  But hilarious.

Shay Mitchell
Image: YouTube.

Filmed for her YouTube channel, the 32-year-old left the gender reveal up to her assistant and was surprised when both the blue and pink Power Ranger came out of the house.

"Power Rangers... Never in the history of gender reveals have I seen Power Rangers," she laughed.


And we have questions. Obviously.

Like, can these people breathe in those suits?

Why... Power Rangers? And also, was it necessary for them to jump in the pool while wearing head-to-toe suits? I imagine that would be uncomfortable.

In the end, the pink Power Ranger emerged triumphant and sat on Shay's lap whilst dripping wet.

The You actor aptly named the YouTube video "Do NOT Try This At Home".

5. "I couldn't breathe." Natalie Bassingthwaighte on what triggered her six-week breakdown.

Australian singer and actress Natalie Bassingthwaighte has spoken about the six-week breakdown she experienced in March last year.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Image: Instagram.

In an exclusive interview with Stellar magazine, the 43-year-old entertainer shared the private, personal struggles that contributed to her poor mental health at a time in her life and career when, from the outside, it looked like she had everything.

"I couldn’t breathe. It was terrifying. I was curled up in a ball. That lasted six weeks,” the mother-of-two told the publication.

“I was so fragile, I didn’t even want to get out of bed, let alone talk to anyone… my head was just full of negative talk.”

For more on what led to Bassingthwaighte's breakdown and how she built herself back up, read our full story on Natalie Bassingthwaighte here.