Carrie Bickmore would like us all to appreciate the role of selfies.

Image: Instagram/@bickmorecarrie.

Selfies get a bad rap. Narcissistic, some say. Self-indulgent, say others. But Carrie Bickmore recently discovered that selfies can actually serve a wonderful purpose.

Allowing us to reflect on life, the universe, or how terrible we deem our fashion sense to be.

At a wedding, Bickmore decided to take a happy snap. The background was perfect, the company was great and she was dressed in her finest. Yet as The Project host took a closer look at her handiwork, she had a horrible realisation: she didn’t think her sunglasses suited her face.

“I have found a good use for the selfie – to tell you when you are getting around in glasses that are way too big for your face. They are going in the dress up box tonight!,” she captioned the photo.

The sunglasses may have got the chop (for the record – we think you could look good in a potato sack, Carrie), but of course Bickmore had to share her discovery with the world. (Watch: Paula Joye explains the basics of a winter wardrobe.Post continues after video.)

How often have we all stepped out in a carefully planned ensemble, only to look back on photos the next day and think ‘What on earth was I thinking?’

How many times have we been caught short without a mirror and walked round with lipstick on our teeth or a random strand of hair poking out our perfectly coiffed ‘do?

More importantly, how many well-meaning friends have refrained from giving us an honest answer when we questioned our decision to wear sunglasses that wouldn’t look amiss on Paris Hilton circa 2005? (Post continues after gallery.)


Too many, is the answer. But no longer.

So get out your phone, turn round the camera and snap away (your concerns about your sunglasses being too big). Kim Kardashian would be proud.

What item have you ever regretted purchasing?

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