Carrie Bickmore doesn't want your "honest feedback" on her new hair, thanks.

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In very exciting hair news, Carrie Bickmore has had a chop.

The Project co-host documented her first days of life with short hair on Instagram, sharing the various ways it’s been styled over the past few nights (if you’re the proud owner of a long bob, pin this image to your ‘Inspo’ board immediately).

Carrie’s clearly loving the results — and cares not for what anyone else thinks of it.

“It’s been a week now of short hair/do care….so I don’t want your honest feedback,” the 34-year-old’s cheeky caption read. (There was a tongue-out emoji in there, so ’twas all in good spirit.)

Short hair, do care.


"Thanks @kristinasimeoni for making me do it!!! I feel lighter and ready for summer!"

Of course, because Carrie has almost 200,000 Instagram followers to her name, "honest feedback" was always going to trickle in to the comment section — but in this case, it was all very, very positive.

"You said you don't want our honest feedback so I'll just have to lie and say it's awful," one follower joked.

Watch: Mia Freedman has also undergone a big chop recently. (Post continues after video.)


A number of fans said Carrie had inspired them to chop off their own long hair — "I took a picture of you on the TV the other day to copy it, I loved it that much" — while some offered even more styling ideas.

"Try a deeper part, and then tuck the right side behind your ear with a funky earring or cuff," one woman suggested. Excuse us while we note that one down for our next big night on the town...

This is a fairly major haircut for the mum of two — until this week, her hair had been halfway down her back, so she's lost several inches.

What Carrie's hair looked like last week.


Carrie's in good company — the long-hair-gone-short club is filled with many fabulous women. (Post continues after gallery.)


Just this week, Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio lopped off her own long, luscious mermaid hair, so safe to say the lob trend isn't going anywhere any time soon. And we're pretty damn happy about that.

Would you try a lob like Carrie's?