Carrie Bickmore has shared a picture of her baby bump.

Pregnant Carrie Bickmore just shared her growing baby bump with 58,000 people.

Carrie Bickmore — TV host, journalist and all-round incredible woman — has taken some time out from her holiday to post a photo of her baby bump — and she’s looking very, very pregnant.

 The 34-year-old The Project host, who’s pregnant with her second child, posted a photo of her legs and belly on Instagram with the caption: “As much as I love love love my job…I am loving being on the coast doing a whole lot of this. I’ll be back on the show in a week. #exhausted #vitaminD #lethargic #IAmWearingPants!”

The Bickmore bump on holiday. (Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie)

Carrie, who’s due to give birth around April, announced her pregnancy at the start of October on The Project. The baby’s father is Carrie’s partner, Chris Walker, a former producer on The Project.

Rove with Carrie on The Project. (Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie)

Carrie already has one son, seven-year-old Oliver, with late husband Greg Lange, who tragically passed away in 2010 after a battle with brain cancer.

Oliver, Carrie’s son. (Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie)

This bikini beach bump photo isn’t the first she’s shared on social media since she announced her pregnancy (and we’re really hoping it isn’t the last).

She shared another baby bump photo last week – bikini visible, this time – and has spoken candidly of her morning sickness throughout this second pregnancy.

The Bickmore bump, as shared on Instagram last week. (Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie)

“I have been so much sicker this pregnancy,” she told Sydney Confidential in November last year.

“I’d get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and there was no reprieve. I don’t like to vomit and I don’t vomit very often so I’d just sit there, sick. I probably should have vomited, it would have made me feel better.”

“I’m better now that I’m not so sick,” she said. “I was really really really sick so now I’m in the homeward stretch. Actually the hard part is to come,” she was reported saying in the News Limited press last year.

Being the ambitious, hard-working and ever talented lady that she is, the TV host is planning to continue work with The Project next year.

We can’t wait to see what the mini-Bickmore looks like later this year.

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