Rocking the bump: Glamorous photos of Carrie Bickmore, 8 months pregnant.

Absolutely stunning…

Host of The Project and all-round great lady, Carrie Bickmore is one month away from adding ‘second time mother of a newborn’ to her already impressive resume.

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Eight months into her pregnancy to partner Chris Walker, Carrie has given an exclusive interview to the Australian Women’s Weekly, describing the first four months as “brutal”.

“I thought I’d had morning sickness last time and I realise that I had nothing compared to the sickness this time. It was all day, all night, it was brutal,” Carrie tells AWW.

Credit: Australian Women’s Weekly

The less than pleasant parts of pregnancy aside, Carrie also speaks candidly about her first marriage to husband Greg Lange, who died in 2010 from a brain tumour, and looking after her 7-year-old son, Ollie.

“Greg is a part of my life everyday… I look at Ollie and I see Greg. I love that when I look at Ollie I see Greg in him because it means he is always present, he’s always there,” she said.

Carrie’s photos appear in this month’s Women’s Weekly. Credit: Australian Women’s Weekly

Carrie has done a number of stories on The Project about brain cancer and the fact that there are still so many unknowns about this particularly vicious form of the disease.

The last update we had on Carrie’s bump progress was a candid Instagram photo of her on the beach while holidaying over summer. Usually her growing belly is hidden under the desk at The Project.

Carrie captioned the pic: “As much as I love love love my job…I am loving being on the coast doing a whole lot of this. I’ll be back on the show in a week. #exhausted #vitaminD #lethargic #IAmWearingPants! ”

Carrie’s baby is due late next month. We wish Carrie and her family all the very best for the remainder of the pregnancy and look forward to seeing her back on our television screens soon.

The full interview will appear in this month’s copy of the Australian Women’s Weekly.